Making Networking Lists Inside Facebook - Using Your Friends List for Business


Networking on Facebook can be very easy once you pop people into special ‘friends lists’.

I use lists for everything from having a specific list of my team members so I can remind them of any important training or company updates to a list of potential customers and clients.

Remember to check-in with your contacts weekly to let them know you are still there and part of their own community of friends and fellow networker’s. Keep the relationship building and growing!

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So to clarify how to add people to a list, this also is the same on mobile devices. First become friends, then hover over their name and select ‘FRIENDS’ then EDIT FRIEND LIST (on mobile) or on laptop you choose ‘ADD TO ANOTHER LIST’ then simply select the list you wish to ad them to or create a new one.

Brilliant time saving way to connect and build relationships with the people in those lists or create a post that ONLY that list will see!

friends lists.jpg

Have you started working with your lists yet? How are you finding them?

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