Welcome to my online training space, this is where I share my tips on running a business online (and offline) in an authentic and non-spammy way.

I live in Carlisle, Cumbria UK and have two grown-up kids and married to one (Clint – he’s 6’2″ and I’m 5’2″ so we’re a bit like little and large!) We have a weird and happy life, and I just love my flavoured gin and zinfandel on a weekend, I make a pretty mean homemade gin too! I love hair bows, pink & teal, love to travel and ‘literally’ just say what I think and tend to drop the occasional swear word!

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It’s been my dream and vision of mine for 5 years to start my own coaching and training business. I have various business management qualifications, a zillion years of recruitment & HR experience and have headed various teams throughout my ‘work life’.

I now share my marketing skills along with my social media training and help network marketers get some direction on 'getting social the right way'. I also provide social advice and workshops for the largest charity support organisation in Cumbria and it's members and partner organisations. If I say I do social media and marketing, I actually do, do social media and marketing and I’m always training to keep my skills fresh and up to date and to pass on all the new trends on to you guys!


And finally and most importantly, let’s talk about my network marketing experience (which I discovered on google 7 years ago because I basically needed cash!) I was working in HR at the time and our wedding was planned in Mexico but my part-time income wasn’t covering the extras so I went online to find something I could sell and make good profit on, I found perfume and it was heavily discounted perfume and this is when I set to work and built my perfume business (which stands at over 3,000 team members all over the world) 'from scratch' and with no previous experience or contacts brought with me.

How did I do this? I built my team online using social media because due to the region I live and lack of many local friends and the fact that I lived nowhere close to any major cities or teams, I joined Facebook and created ‘online training systems’ that we all still use today and created teams. This is when I found my passion for social marketing. I literally geek out over social media and the impact that technology has on relationship building and have worked alongside many amazing experts all over the world and pass these skills and tricks on to you.

You can read more about my work from home business HERE

I look forward to working with you!

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