Taking your business offline

Are you someone who joins a work from home business and after a couple of weeks of posting on Facebook and then say you have no sales or new team members and then see your business as a failure and it isn't working for them?

Here’s a little truth bomb… you cannot rely 100% on social media to bring in your sales and income, you have to go out there and spread the word and bring in referrals and recommendations and take your business offline, so stop thinking your business is failing because you cant get sales on Facebook (attraction marketing is for that one and a whole separate blog post!) you have to get out there and shout it from the rooftops!


The thing about social media is that it is a free marketing tool and should be seen as that. You must have your fishing line in as many area’s of that ‘free to fish’ pond you can but there is nothing more powerful than really building up that relationship and contact with people face to face.

There are so many ways to work your network marketing business and all of them should be used to get the best chances of success. Social media is a great way to get your name and business out there to the masses and to have your shop open 24:7, but building up local contacts will keep you busy for many years to come.

Watch this video as I explain some ways on how you can start to take your business offline and the place you can build up relationships locally.

Other ways you can build up your local customer base are:


Catalogue, home and regular open house events (and why not do a brief 30 minute live on Facebook before your doors open to the public and promote it locally!)

Networking Events

Create connections locally with ‘small business groups’ and also your local Women's Institute, they run regular events and are always on the look-out for speakers and being a woman working from home and helping others grow with confidence. Look for other local ran groups for women in business and networking, build your & connections for referrals & recommendations.

Shop drops

Create mini product sample packs and deliver to local shops/businesses (estate agents, restaurants, show shops, bars) and introduce yourself as the local consultant and will pop by again when you’re next passing to see if they require any full-size products. Think of places that especially have a lot of staff members and a staff room – everyone likes to read at break time so why not let it be your literature and samples!

Join a group/class/gym

This can work on helping you both mentally and financially! You can get out the house and do something you enjoy but at the same time you are building relationships with local people. If you are not a member in a gym, think of starting a hobby or picking up an old interest you have and then go and find a local group to attend - you are then in that 'win-win' situations, where you are learning to enjoy your own hobby but also are making new friends as well that will eventually refer and recommend your products to others!

Can you think of other ways to take your business offline?
Have you tried any of the idea’s I share? I’d love to know in the comments below