Why you shouldn't miss out on attending your companies annual conference

If you want to take your business to the next level and continue to grow, you really should attend team training’s and most importantly your companies annual conference no matter how far you have to travel. I am just about to attend my fifth company conference where I know it will be an amazing weekend of networking and watching people receive recognition for working hard in the industry and hitting amazing new levels. Even if you are not getting up on stage you will still come home feeling rejuvenated, inspired and most importantly EXCITED about your future within the business.

Please read below the reasons why you should all make the effort to attend your companies annual conference.


Conferences are an opportunity to network

Conferences give you a chance to rub shoulders with the top leaders in your field and connect with people who may be sponsoring internationally, so you can build up relationships for future training events. Going to conferences gives you a chance to network on a national and global level, which can ultimately do your business a lot of good.


Conferences help you stay ahead of the curve

Conferences can teach you a lot of new things which will ultimately help you improve your overall business practices. Conferences will expose you to new ideas, new practices, new techniques, new products and new incentives. Going to conferences is one of the best ways to stay in the know of what is going on within your company.


Conferences are a time for you to relax & have fun

Going to a conference is, in some ways, like going on holiday. You shouldn’t necessarily abandon all efforts to stay productive while traveling to and attending conferences. However, you should use trips to conferences as a chance to sit back, relax, and learn, which is probably just want the doctor ordered to help you prevent over-exhaustion and burn out which will help push your business to the next level on your return. The evening parties are a must go to event, it is your time to network, build relationships with your team and have fun and celebrate a years worth of hard work.


The 13 reasons to attend a conference or meeting

  1. Learn new information from leading speakers.

  2. Networking with new people within your industry, building new connections.

  3. Meet your own team members who you perhaps have never met and celebrate successes.

  4. The ability to share your ideas and get immediate feedback from credible individuals in your industry.

  5. Enables you to evaluate the latest ideas that can potentially help grow your business.

  6. Let’s you connect and build relationships with potential speakers who could attend your own team training events.

  7. Let’s you buy & see new product ranges that are usually at marked-down prices specifically for the event.

  8. Get answers to your questions and challenges from those perhaps more experienced.

  9. Collecting of presentation materials to take home with you for later reference and study.

  10. Learning from others – taking away the knowledge and trying it yourself.

  11. Learning facts and statistics that will help you to better understand the market and industry you are in.

  12. Allows you to build traffic to your website by passing out your business card – get higher up the google search engine.

  13. Get yourself and your team seen for team photographs to use on social media posts. Don’t forget to take the selfie stick!



Now most importantly…


I hope you have enjoyed reading this post and I would love for you to tell me, have you managed to attend your company conference? Let me know in the comments below