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I always believe that if you are going to teach people how to do something successfully then you should be doing the business yourself, too many people are ‘fake it until you make it’ but not with me!  That is why I will always work my FM business alongside this site, I walk the walk and pass all the knowledge and working tips onto you!

FM WORLD was started in 2004 in Wroclaw, Poland by Mr Artur Trawiński. Due to the popularity of its perfumes and dynamic leadership, it has become an international success story.

Today, FM WORLD products are known and appreciated on six continents. Over 100,000 Business Partners cooperate with FM WORLD and this number is continually growing. By using the network marketing business model, the company is able to offer high-quality products at attractive prices.

The main core product line of FM WORLD remains high-quality Federico Mahora branded perfumes. This range has expanded to include body lotions, shower gels, aftershave, hand creams, whitening toothpaste, shaving foams and skin care for both men and women. In addition, we now have more exciting product ranges.

MINERAL MAKEUP  A high-quality make-up products, rich in minerals, plant extracts and essential oils that provide the skin with a beautiful and natural look. The range includes cosmetics designed for different types of beauty and skin complexions.

FM FOR HOME range designed to keep your home clean and beautiful. The assortment of household products is continually evolving, it also includes car care cosmetics and pet care products that are perfect for pampering of your four-legged best friends.

AURILE  is a brand of products created to be enjoyed. Excellent quality natural and flavoured coffees meet the expectations of even the most discerning gourmets, whereas the innovative formulas of functional coffees are an absolute novelty on the market. Not only that. Newly introduced excellent quality loose leaf teas are already considered bestsellers. The offer is complemented by high-end barista accessories and elegant porcelain sets.

NUTRICODE Innovative food supplement line which grew out of love for innovation and deep understanding of needs of a modern man. Your health and well-being are crucial to us. This is why we have developed food supplements, which are a direct response to the needs of your body. They will help you get back in shape, stand on your feet and regain strength.

FIT6 PROGRAMME FIT6 consists of 6 different consecutive stages, of which the WEIGHT LOSS stage is divided into 4 large phases.

Participants begin with the 1st STAGE, which aims, besides shedding unnecessary pounds, to reduce the body's inflammation, as well as improve well-being and overall health. Then they move to the 2nd STAGE and start the 4-phase weight loss stage. The toning stage (stimulation of muscles to facilitate their growth) is applicable when we have to reduce a lot of pounds or deal with a long-lasting weight loss process. Once the goal has been achieved, we go to MAINTAINING PHASE, or a balanced diet, which will stabilise the weight for a long time, preventing the yo-yo effect.

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