I am a social media coach and network marketing professional.

This is where I share my top tips on running a business online (and offline) and making it to the top in a direct β€˜no  fluff or guff’ way.

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Who am I?

I built my business up from nothing, literally zilch and all online using social media. I had no experience in network marketing, no experience in sales and hadn’t a large circle of friends either. I became one of the fastest growing teams in the UK and one of the top leaders. I went on to repeat this winning system throughout my team.

I will share all my tips with you so you can start today by implementing the same strategies that still work today.

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What do I do?

I help entrepreneurs look deeper into social media by sharing online strategies to help grow a loyal fan base using attraction based marketing so they can confidently run an online business sharing their own uniqueness from keeping social marketing & personal branding real, authentic and from a place of service

Are you struggling with engagement or what to post? This is the place you will find the support and idea's to help move your business forward.

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Work with me

I can offer you various ways to grow your business, many tips can be found right here on my blog.  I share my knowledge at various speaking events and social media workshops in helping you harness social media. I offer individual 1:1's, social media audits and group coaching sessions for businesses, direct sellers & network marketers.

I work with various private organisations sharing my tips & strategies in building an authentic online presence.




Because I know that live streaming works for business, I created this plan for you, I know it can work for your business as well, if you believe in yourself and just hit that live button!

You will receive a PDF document which is FULL of tips and tricks to making your live a success and wanting people to watch more, containing 10 Actionable tips and list of ideas on your topics to go live with confidence and grow your business.

Simply print off and work your way through the steps and most importantly the 30 day plan that is also included, you have a topic for every day so no more excuses for not going live!

DOWNLOAD my roadmap today which is also available instantly in messenger!