I decided to work from home to give my amazing children the best of the best for the joy they bring me. To be able to give them memories to treasure and not have to always say no. Thanks to this opportunity I have been able to help my son with his learning to drive and contribute to his car. So with 6 fantastic children to spoil my determination is on fire and I will make this my house there is no CAN'T only can and will.

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1. Everyone is so welcoming & help you every step of the way

2. The training's are out of this world amazing tips & value

3. Everyone supports you & even on your down days everyone always help pick you up

4. No question you ask is silly or stupid & you always get pointed in the right direction

5. There’s an amazing testimony groups which include pictures & they help so much especially when your first starting

I could go on forever but mostly what I can say is what’s not to love about working with like minded people who care support & have amazing friendships from all over the world 

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Claire (one of our visually impaired team)

Sharon is very knowledgeable and provides us with plenty of information in different formats to help us be successful no matter what we choose to do with our business. This review would be extremely long if I began to list all the resources available to us but something which has helped me is Sharon's picture group with a range of graphics and photos we can use to promote products if we have difficulty taking photos ourselves. Sharon is also very responsive to messages, even those with the most basic of questions!



I cant thank Sharon enough for the help and support she has given me, I cant always get on to team training's and zooms due to having 2 small children but this is where Sharon's YouTube channel comes in, there is so much content there and lots of advice training and ideas to put into practise you can always find the answer to something and Sharon is only ever a message away which means so much knowing how busy she is I cant thank you enough


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