Find a Challenge Buddy and Increase Your Chances of Success

Have you been in network marketing (or sometimes referred to as direct sales) for a few months (or even years) or maybe you have just started and felt like sometimes you are on your own? Trust me, You are definitely not on your own with that feeling!

Even if you have the best upline and team support in the world it doesn’t take away the fact that you are working from home and sometimes working to goals on your own. It’s nice to be accountable to your goals and have someone there to chat too when some days feel flat.

Accountability - we all need it and your challenge buddy can help you

Finding a ‘Challenge Buddy’ can really help you be accountable to your goals and help you reach them much quicker, here’s the lowdown on why you should find a challenge buddy and increase your chances of success

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It’s someone who you ‘get on with’ and connect with - you get them! It can be someone you have built up a relationship with online (or at events) that is also working from home and working towards a goal. Someone who is also working on their own from home and someone you can share you high’s and low’s with. The two of you are going to give each other a good kick up the ass when it’s called for (and it will be called for!). You will be accountable to each other.

How good will it feel to actually share idea’s and brain storm and just have someone there to help reach the higher levels within your business with?


Your teams support/training group on Facebook

Ask your own group leader if they an add a post/poll in your teams group asking for challenge buddy’s of the same level to come forward, or do your own post asking for someone to buddy up with you.

Side-note: Why the same level? So you can challenge each other to be the first one to reach the next level the quickest!

Find other consultants

You can find support everywhere on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If you know someone is local, why not reach out to them and strike up a conversation, meet up for coffee and just generally be there to offer local support to each other, you don’t even have to be in the same team!

A challenge buddy can even be from other companies, so go and network and make new friends

Network marketing is network marketing and buddy’s can be in any business and in any country!! We all start our businesses for a reason and 9 out of 10 times that’s to make a better life for our families and to increase our incomes, don’t you agree?
So it really is irrelevant which company you’re with (yes it can still be nice to be in the same one) but the goal is to share each other’s high’s and low’s and to be there for each other and cheer each other on. Sometime’s and it’s nice to build relationships outside of your company, you can learn lots of new idea’s to add your own twist on things and bring to your own business.


When I first started in network marketing I created two new friendships and 7 years down the line we are still great friends and one of them even signed back up into the FM business and into my team!

We started a group chat on Facebook then decided to set each other a challenge, who would be the first person to reach 15% level in the marketing plan (this meant lots of team building and helping our new teams place orders).It was a great way to build up relationships and to focus on setting goals and working hard to achieve them.

Having that friendship and support really helped me in my early career as there was little online support around for my level of social media development, so I created my own!


Be there to check-in weekly with each other and get the pom pom’s out ready to shake when you each achieve new goals, sign up a new member or even do your first live on Facebook. Why not set each other some challenges and go and smash them!

Did you have a challenge buddy when you started? Do you have one?
How does it work for you? I’d love to know in the comments below about your experience