Make your first 30 days count

CONGRATULATIONS on deciding to become a new FM World Business Owner! What will follow will be my top tips and some steps for you to get your FM business off to a flying start.

Your main focus to getting started with FM World in your first 30 days is to tell everyone about your new business, so get some events booked your diary (even online one’s) and share your journey with your friends on Facebook. Don’t be a secret agent, share reviews, testimonials, share your daily activity and get your products and business supplies ordered up and ready to share with others.

Learn how to duplicate what your sponsor or up line does. This is a game of ‘follow the leader’. You should also now be plugging in to everything that is available to you and know that you are in business for yourself, but not by yourself!

Watch training videos, read the startup guide in the welcome email from your sponsor. Join the Facebook training groups and get ready to soak it all in. It’s time to DREAM BIG and get earning and moving your business forward!

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So what do you need to do first

  1. You’ve just used your sponsors website or signup link (or maybe requested a random sponsor), the next step is to read the welcome email from head office and save it. Make a note of your ID number and ‘one time’ password, then login to and change that password, you are now ready to sit back and grow your business.

  2. Now is the time to learn how place an order and to navigate the FM website so spend some time ‘playing and getting familiar’. On here you will find product information, company graphics, sales & team performance tracking, your order history  and much more. I have lots of walk-through videos to help you over on my YOUTUBE CHANNEL, please make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss an update or tip!

  3. Read and save the email your sponsor has also just sent you, it will contain various attachments to read (and save for later) including a getting started booklet, information on the available starter kits, a video on how to order your kit, your fragrance finder tools and links to connect with your sponsor directly on Facebook and the option to join our own team’s 10-day Foundations to Success Training.

  4. Now you need to order the tools of your trade. Login to the online shop using your ID number and new password, then order your kit, some flyers and make the most of the 10-day discounts that are waiting in your shopping basket area (top tight corner is the drop down menu).
    Purchase a bottle of perfume (and some matching samples) and start sharing these with your your friends, getting feedback and reviews shared onto your personal profile on Facebook and your business page. Remember to shout out about your new business, don’t be a secret agent. If your friends can’t see your excitement about your products and business, they probably won’t purchase from your. Excitement is infectious. Keep the excitement going and what you love about the products, company and team and the orders will come in and new members may just want to join your team!

  5. Order your business cards, your fragrance sample review cards and create some labels for your catalogues at home or order some mini address labels from ebay.

  6. Open your free FM Web Shop and start directing people to purchase, view the products and start finding products that can solve problems, study the product, share the benefits and become the problem solver (and not a spammy seller)


Watch my training on what FRAGRANCE REVIEW CARDS are and how they can help you and your FM World business get noticed


Congratulations you have officially started your own FM business!


Things to do as you wait for your kit to arrive

  1. Grab some time with your Sponsor within 24-48 hours of starting up and book in a one-to-one business strategy session! You can do this in person, online, via Zoom or using Facebook. Whatever works best. Then discuss what are your dreams, goals and desires? How much money do you want to make and by when? What is your why? How many hours per week can you commit to your business? Will you be a part time or full time FM Consultant or BIG TIME FM Consultant?

  2. Start working on your contact list. Tick off everyone you know that would love the products, be a possible fragrance angel, perhaps needs some extra cash. These are the people you are going to invite to your online/in-house parties, ask to host a girls night, and ask to try the products ask to join your VIP group and follow your business page, ask for help in getting started to grow your confidence and skills (no-one will say no to helping you!). Then highlight 5-10 people on that list who you would love to share the FM business opportunity with. (who is organised, successful, entrepreneurial, fun, well liked, good social circle, conscientious about products, etc.)

  3. Schedule your own FM Dream Team or a monthly Shopportunity event on Facebook, create an event and add some info, share your story (via 5 minute video or go live for 10 minutes) , then offer these members to join your next teams ‘Opportunity Night’ and let’s get your business earning you money from all directions.
    Who do you invite? The people you would LOVE to have in your business! Who is your “A” team? Who is on your chicken list? Who is great at everything they do, whether it be the best stay at home mum or a top business manager? You never know who is LOOKING for this opportunity. How much FUN would be to work with the people you already know and love? For anyone who can’t make your event, schedule some calls in with them to talk about your amazing opportunity.

  4. Ask 3-friends to join you on your FM journey. It is so much more exciting sharing the whole experience with others, you can go to events together and even work towards some of the cash bonus incentives together. Who do you know that would benefit from an extra £100 a month before payday lands again? Talk to your sponsor or up line about what happens next. (it get’s very exciting and you get a pay rise!)
    Read ‘Have fun and start your FM business with a friend’.

  5. Schedule in some home parties (depending on your goals) in addition to your online open-house and online parties with friends. It’s best to have these scheduled and on the calendar before you host your own home party events. You do NOT want to be filling your start month from your own online events. Those will fill the upcoming month and help keep the momentum going for you!

  6. Make sure you have joined your up line sponsor’s team support group & followed their business page, there will be lots of tips for you and many top sellers and leaders in the team groups who you can follow on Facebook and learn from. They are all willing to help you grow, just be prepared to talk to everyone about your new business. Make sure you check the group daily for updates on products, upcoming meetings, opportunity calls and training. Join them all!

  7. Purchase a book on Network Marketing, this is now the profession you’re in, you can grow an amazing business by taking the time to grow your skills which includes how to talk to people, how to handle objections, how to build a team and so much more.
    I would certainly start with anything by Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter (free download books are waiting to get started there for you) and grab Frazer Brookes ‘I Dare You’ and Eric Worre ‘Go Pro’ books, take parts of their information to develop your own unique style and fit. It’s time to brand yourself an expert and grow that mind and business!
    *You need to be reading and developing in the profession all the time!

Kits start from £11.50 for 20 samples &amp; book with marketing plan. Kits are not a requirement but do help you increase yours sales.

Kits start from £11.50 for 20 samples & book with marketing plan. Kits are not a requirement but do help you increase yours sales.


When your kit arrives

  1. Sit and play with it. Smell the samples, read the books and flyers and get familiar with your business.

  2. Read the marketing plan and set your goals. What levels you would like to reach with your FM business. Would you like to achieve the car, bigger monthly bonuses and holiday incentives? Then work your business up to Orchid level. Talk to your sponsor/up line for guidance and coaching to get there.

  3. Focus on 300 Personal Points a month, 400 points will get you discounted perfume bottles every month, but the goal is reaching 3% level in the business which is 300 points, any extra is an amazing bonus of extra discounted bottles, every month you hold 400 personal points and then there’s various cash and voucher incentives for higher points based on sales and sponsoring. But depending on the level of commitment and time you can give to your business, your goal is 3% level to start with. 100 points could be personal orders and 200 from friends. Breaking down your goals and points makes it much more achievable don;t you agree?

  4. Start to sponsor business partners onto your team and duplicate the system. Show them how to focus on 300 personal sales and help them sponsor 3 new business partners to their team and help them build a thriving business!

  5. PLUG IN to your teams weekly meetings, power hour sessions and monthly leadership calls. You are in business and meetings will help you develop your skills and bring new consultants onto your team. Schedule these calls  calls into your calendar so you can be on them.

  6.   Review training and resources on team Facebook Group Page! We are TEAM MOMENTUM and all the reference materials I refer to in this post can be found in there.

  7.   Open a separate bank account to keep business purchases separate. It is recommended that you dedicate a separate card for business expenses only. You do not need to have a business bank account to be a business owner or tax purposes.

  8.   Set up a professional voice mail greeting on your mobile phone and set up a professional email signature designating you as an official FM World Consultant or FM World Team Leader.

  9.   Learn how to sign up a New Consultant.

  10. If you are looking at sponsoring why not invest in £35 a year for a FM replica website. They are great to promote yourself and business, you will stand out and be more trusted by people especially when others are saying ‘here’s my Facebook group - send me paypal as a friend, we’ve never met before but send me your money!’
    This is mine (you can also divert your own domain to it) it takes a second to pull over to the site. Alternatively you can remain with the one issued, this is how your new web address will look this is standard and cannot be changed and why purchasing a domain may be a great option for you. You can order yours from our company directly here

  11. Now to open your main professional business over on Facebook and set up a Facebook Business Page for your FM World business. You want to be able to reach everyone everywhere and errrm yep, you are a real business so show up like one and stand out - it’s free promotion and you really will look much more professional than selling in a group. You need to have both!

  12. HAVE FUN!!!! Enjoy your journey each journey is different, never forget to just make it memorable!

Pin this image to share with others, how to get started with FM World

Pin this image to share with others, how to get started with FM World


This list is long and I know it seems like a lot but reach out to your sponsor and everyone on your team. You have all the help and resources you need right at your finger tips and we are here to help make your dreams come true.

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Have you managed to grab my WORKSHEET BUNDLE yet?

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**If you haven’t yet started up your FM World journey yet (and love perfume), why join me on my Facebook Business Page and lets set up a time to chat. I would love to talk to you about how you really CAN do this. You too can have the life you choose, not one someone else has chosen for you!

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