Should I start a work from home business?

Is working from home for me?

Are you a looking to top-up your income by having a side business you can run in your spare time?
Are you seeing lots of people you know all over social media selling products and creating a bigger cash flow and you’re curious?

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Facebook status alert: “I’m looking to join a new company for free what’s out there?”

First of all I would ask you, “what products do you enjoy?” everyone has their favourite products and products they align with, maybe your someone who is into fitness, then maybe you would be more drawn towards supplements & health products, or it may be you’re a mum of young children who would enjoy selling books because little George and Ella are learning to read. Myself, I went straight for fragrances because I have a love of perfume and makeup and knew my friends and work colleagues in the office would love them, due to the quality and how much I would save them on their usual designer perfumes!

Whatever your passion is, that’s the direction to go. You have to genuinely love and be excited by the product to best sell it. Your friends will see your excitement and trust your judgement. People buy from people who they know, like & trust (remember that saying?). If you join a business ‘just because, it sounded good’ then the chances are you will fail before you have started, you have to WANT to promote the product and share that excitement with others.



Starting your own business with an established direct sales/network marketing company might be the perfect fit for you as you can use the company’s ready-made products, catalogues and sales tool’s. You don’t have to invest a lot of cash and time into creating and developing new products, build up a brand from scratch or pay for catalogue printing and other advertising and marketing costs – the company has already done that for you, they just need someone with a little spare time to spread the word and help create sales for them by recommending and referring their products to neighbours, friends, family and local businesses.

Most MLM & direct sales (multi-level marketing) companies offer fantastic websites, your own optional replica website (connected to the business to help generate leads and sales) sales catalogues with professional photos of all the products. All at an affordable cost to you. You just need to order some business cards and a starter kit of samples/products and away you go.


Another exciting thing about working from home with one of these companies is that you have the opportunity to sample new products early on new range launches and receive most products at a discount. In fact, the majority of consultants will also be the company’s best clients. Many people sign up just to feed their own passion for their favourite products and purchase at member prices.

That being said, if you want to be successful in direct sales you must first pick the best direct sales company for you. Then, you must market & brand yourself to stand out from the masses of identical consultants selling the very same thing in your area, using the same slick catalogues and same marketing materials.  How will you stand out from others? What is your PSP? (personal selling point) Remember direct selling (selling directly to people) is a ‘people business’ if you can’t talk to strangers, maybe this won’t be the best move – think of your personality, it will get you sales!


If you are thinking about starting a business with a direct sales company, here are 3 tips for choosing the best for you:

  1. Find products that you love and will actually use or consume and will enjoy showing/selling to others. This is a basic rule of thumb for anyone in sales. You have to love the product or service and really believe in it. If it is of poor quality or you just don’t like it, you will have a hard time selling it.

  1. Read the company rules. Do you want to join multiple sales companies and do direct sales on the side in conjunction with another business? Be sure you understand the policies. I know some direct sales companies have specific guidelines that must be met. Know the restrictions and be ready to play fair. Many companies wouldn’t let you join (for example) x2 makeup companies – it is a conflict of interests. Do one or the other and you will find it easier to combine/separate the 2 and making both businesses a huge success. If you do want to run 2 MLM businesses – choose 2 completely separate businesses like makeup and weight loss products or home products and chocolate.

  1. Join under an experienced sponsor/leader. An important part of business growth is building a team. Don’t sign up under a friend or family member just to help his/her business if you haven’t researched their own upline’s training support. If you are serious, take the time to research your upline possibilities. If at all possible, sign up under a successful leader, coach or team member that has built up his or her own business and is a leader in their own right. Unless you are the first ever to sign up under a new direct sales company, someone has been in your shoes before. They can provide insight & knowledge to help to get you started on the right track and offer advice to avoid common pitfalls of network marketing, the chances are they’ve already made them before you.

So you have chosen the best-fit network marketing company for your own needs, goals and desires. Now what?

Get ready to LAUNCH your own business!

Tell EVERYONE what you are about to do. Once you decide which company is for you, get ready to plan a big launch party at home or a friends house ASAP and offer everyone who can attend BIG DISCOUNT offer 15% for attending. Even before you sign up, you should begin planning a big “ribbon-cutting” of sorts. Tell ALL of your friends and family and have them tell their friends. Be sure to share that you are starting your own genuine business and would love their help & support at launching it. They don’t have to buy from you, remember, but they may know someone that will – and the word HELP always wins.

Now it’s your turn. Go get your event booked in.

If you have started in a direct sales company before, what made you decide to try it? How did you choose it was right for you?

Why not download my work from home guide, work through it and decide if working from home is the best option for you to increasing your income.




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Are you wondering if working from home could be for you? Maybe you have lost your mojo in your current business and need to find it, again. this working from home guide will help you create your goals and find the network marketing business you will be best suited.  #workfromhomeguide #directsales #networkmarketing #workfromphone #workfromhomemum

Are you wondering if working from home could be for you?
Maybe you have lost your mojo in your current business and need to find it, again. this working from home guide will help you create your goals and find the network marketing business you will be best suited.

#workfromhomeguide #directsales #networkmarketing #workfromphone #workfromhomemum