10 Tips to Going Live on Facebook with Confidence


We’ve all been there when the sweat beads start pouring out of every orifice and then we just do it – we go to hit that GO LIVE button and just forget what comes next!

Here are my top 10 tips for going live on Facebook which should help you reduce them sweat beads.

1) Make bullet points – write them large so you can see them. Keep them off camera, use a post-it note beside the ‘camera dot’ you look at (don’t look at the screen/your own face when talking!).

2) Practice  – Practice offline before going live. Why not set your live to ‘only me’ before hitting the actual ‘go live button’ to the public. Facebook recommend 10 minutes being long enough to hold viewers engagement (the average is 3 – 5 minutes so secure your point by then and try hold them for longer).

3) Promote  – Promote your LIVE event before going live to get maximum exposure and eyeballs on your live. Promote on all platforms driving viewers to your event. Create an optional graphic on WordSwag, Picmonkey or Canva saying ‘Going Live on Facebook in 30 mins’ or ‘I’m going live in five’. I also promote my lives via my Manychat messenger bot, send a broadcast message to all your subscribers so they don't miss your tips you are about to share and add the link to 'watch the replay' so people have the option to catch up later.

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4) Don’t look down on people – Prop your device up at EYE LEVEL, don’t look down to people, use books, plant pots, boxes, anything you can use to stable your device to eye level. You are now being a live TV show for your Facebook friends.

5) Title your Live – Create a ‘snappy title’ something that will catch people’s attention and draw them to watching your chat. Describe & Tease – draw people in with clever and attractive words!

6) Equipment – If you do a live outside and it’s windy – be prepared and use earphones/microphone. Use a clip on LCD selfie light on your phone to brighten your face especially if your not going live through the day. Use a tripod to prop your phone up to eye level.

7) Be prepared – Have you got a good WiFi connection? Have you remembered to put your lipstick on? The kids are busy and quiet? Get smartly dressed, bright colours, jewellery and plan to be chatty (have happiness in your voice) don’t be half a sleep or have kids running everywhere, try & be professional at all times. You are wanting to hold viewers attention, not make them switch off! I have even seen a live where people have been watching the TV at the same time!
What is the goal you are trying to achieve by this live? New team members, new customers, new followers on social media? What is your strategy? Be you, be professional and give value, make friends so don’t be a Debbie downer or a negative Nancy, be happy and be the person everyone wants to be friends with and watch you live again.


8) Don’t go quiet & wait for people to join you – Start by picturing your audience are all online the minute you hit live. Use the first 15 seconds to thank everyone joining and for replay viewers, tell everyone to share the content if they get value, show me your emoji’s and then tell everyone what you are going to cover and what outcomes/value to them they will receive. When you see people coming into the event acknowledge them and say hello, thanks for joining – this whole process should take only 1 minute. Tell people you will try and answer questions, but will go through all the comments at the end of the live and make sure all questions have been answered by you.

9) Stick to the topic – stick to and Cover the bullet points you made earlier on your post-it note. Don’t go off-track too much as you will lose viewers who maybe joined you to get the value in what you said they would receive if they joined you. After every bullet point, take a breath and check-in with your viewers, acknowledge them, ask if anyone has any questions, review them and answer… Remember not to over-do chit chat, other viewers will drop off, don’t tease people too long either before getting into your main content – people don’t have time for it. HALFWAY THROUGH say 5 minutes in; RE-CAP on what you are talking about halfway through and welcome late comers saying to share if they get value and to show you their emojis.

Note: You can also block viewers during a live broadcast by tapping the profile picture next to a viewer’s comment and then tapping “Block.”

10) Wrap it up –Re-cap what you have covered and what viewers have learned on your Live – the value they should have received. Thank your viewers for joining you and hope they watch your next one. Tell them you hope they received value and they can share the event with friends (you want new followers so encourage sharing!) Give your CTA now (call to action – what do you want people to do now? Send them to your Instagram account – send them to your blog – send them to your Facebook VIP group or Page – send them to Twitter or website? Say this now.

So what's your hold up? Go grab that phone and go live - your business will thank you for it!

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