How Wearing Perfume can Increase Your Salons Profits and Increase Clients

Increasing your salon footfall & profits by wearing perfume

This is something I absolutely love to talk about because so many of my own teams have huge success in their salons or with their mobile beauty business, I also had great success when I was a mobile therapist, people would always comment on the perfume I was wearing that day and I always up-sold cuticle cream, body pudding, body scrubs and makeup as part of my own treatment plans for my clients!

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I completed my own makeup training in Birmingham at the Beautique Training Academy, they used nothing other than FM products in their course. They discounted FM Consultants for the training and everyone who attended learned hands on about the product they were using and we only used FM Mineral makeup. Anyone else signed up to the course also only use this range and would would see the quality straight away which meant many also signed up (via the academy) and they would purchase the products to take away on the day with them. The training academy made profit from everyone signing up to their training in various ways.

Do you have an academy and you use makeup in your training or would you like to offer the range to your own clients?

As many people know, if you work in this industry you have to have some great people skills, the confidence to speak to new people, to engage and show genuine empathy and interest in your client. The same goes for your client, people love to chat about their day, their families and love to hear about your also - now it’s time to bring in your secret weapon, the perfume spray!

Each workstation in the salon should have a lovely bottle of a top seller on display and ready to be sampled, one that isn’t over powering but feminine, I would suggest our Pure 20 and another station could have one of our Pure Royal fragrances, I would suggest the lovely pink colour of 811.

Not only are these great sellers but are conversation starters and creates interest from the client immediately and what will appeal to them more is if you have a fresh spray before taking them to the wash station.

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Being in close contact with clients and smelling gorgeous (not over-powering, that’s for Saturday nights) it really will do the selling for you!

You will be asked all the time “What perfume is that you’re wearing?” so have it ready on display for the customer to sample and see the size and quality of the fragrances.

In the reception area, why not have a little basked of sample review packs (see my YouTube video here) free samples with a money off voucher, simply for leaving a product review on Facebook, again the perfume is working for you.

Even the junior staff can retail the perfume, it has a super affordable price tag and a great markup, no bulk ordering is required just profit to be made!

Three ways you can increase sales and footfall

  1. Why not give 10/15% discount off a treatment to all local FM Consultants in the company (increasing bookings and referrals). You earn 25-33% off all prices straight away. You can view our complete product range HERE

  2. Promote your salon as the local stockist for designer quality fragrances saving people from online orders, collect in store which will also lead to up-selling your own products and treatments.

  3. Ask people if they would like to open their own free account with full team support, leaves you to carry on with the salon on your team to help support new person get ordering at wholesale. This increases your own profits further from no extra work at all, you simply give people your registration link, send them a welcome email and pop them in our support groups for training and support. Job done! Every order they make will also accumulate points, these points also become your points meaning an increase in your own levels and cash bonuses!


Three simple ways to increase customers and sales


Here are a couple of my own team member who run salons and are making huge bonus cash from retailing our perfume in their salons

Sian Rowley is owner of Serenity and Solace, The Salon in Telford
You can connect with Sian over on Facebook HERE


I have been with FM for around 5 years now, I initially joined as I was buying so much from a friend that it made sense to save myself some money by buying at wholesale. Friends & family starting asking what perfume I was wearing & became my first customers. I then realised FM pretty much sold itself - once people had given it a try, they were hooked like me! 

Two years ago I opened my salon & my FM business grew without even trying! 

Clients began asking what perfume I was wearing and if there was anything I could recommend for their skin and one of my biggest sellers has to be the drain clear granules because I'm always raving about how fantastic they are!! 

Promoting FM doesn't take up any extra time at all because it's sells itself when you're wearing it and showing the sample kit to customers whilst they wait on their appointment!

Lauren is another team member who has Estilo Hair & Beauty in Coventry
You can connect with Lauren over on Facebook HERE


I joined FM in middle of January this year, I was about sceptical at first as being a business owner I don’t have much free time as it is!

Since I started I love it, it does the work for me!

It gets more people talking in my salon, attracts new clients and getting to know people from FM is brilliant I’ve made some lovely friends!

The hardest thing I found was getting to know the numbers and what perfume’s fell into that number, and the prices but once you’ve done it a few weeks, it becomes natural and you start to know them! I set up a separate business page and share it on my salon page and the sales just keep coming in!

*Please repin* How Wearing Perfume can Increase Your Salons Profits and Increase Clients 💇‍♀️💅 CLICK to read the full article and get some ideas - it’s free to register!

*Please repin*
How Wearing Perfume can Increase Your Salons Profits and Increase Clients 💇‍♀️💅 CLICK to read the full article and get some ideas - it’s free to register!


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