How to get the best from people using their colour personality

Ever since I discovered this technique by my upline and Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter', I have been fascinated by it, I love working with colour personalities and when I meet new people I love to work out which one they are, I tend to call myself a purple! I am a mix of red & blue but  have a predominately blue personality. Everyone who knows me knows, I love to talk!

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Colour personalities can be divided into colours and some people have even divide personalities into gems like emerald, ruby, pearl & sapphire or birds like wrens, eagles and owls. But let’s focus on the colours.

Each colour has its particular traits, which is super helpful in your business to understand what these are. Not only will it help you to psychologically understand the person you are working with (team member or customer) better, but it will also help you in how you interact with them and motivate them.

If you know how to get the best out of a person, you will see great results, and better still if you recognise what colour YOU are, you are able to also tell people how to get the best out of you, your likes and dislikes, your strengths and your weaknesses 


  • To work best with a red personality, you need to COMPLIMENT them and then set them a challenge/task. Remember compliment,compliment,CHALLENGE

Red personalities are strong and determined leaders, they will do what it takes to reach their goals, they are fast paced thinkers, risk takers, purposeful, drivers, strong-willed, less patient, obvious energy, competitive, rational and like to take control, they LOVE to be looked up to and will say what they think! You may recognise many of the qualities of the REDS in many leaders as they take ownership of their journey within the company, they need to be fast paced in their thinking, they take risks and be purposeful and confident with it and love to share their success with everyone around them.

Things Red’s Don’t Like:
If you have a red personality in your team or you want to attract one to your team - Don’t’ waffle, remember, they are less patient and whatever you do, don’t be vague or ramble on. They value time, so don’t waste their time, don’t get too personal as REDS just like to stick to business, don’t stray from purpose, these personality types are focused in their thinking and don’t ask irrelevant questions, they get impatient and it does not fit in with their rational thinking patterns. Don’t try to take control, REDS are natural leaders and like to feel they are in control so don’t step on their toes, let them take the lead.

How to interact with a RED Personality:
Red’s like to get to business quickly, when interacting with a RED be quick, direct and precise, give them facts, and avoid the detail, talk to them about results and outcomes, they need to hear this to make quick decisions. Use their time efficiently, they are fast paced thinkers and tend to move quickly in their thoughts, great people to bounce ideas off, be confident when you talk to a red.

Here’s a couple of questions to use when talking to them in your business…
"You could be #1 in your area!"
"Then you could tell your new group what to do."
"They will look up to you as a leader."
"And then you would get the recognition you deserve!"
"You are not a job-person as you were made to be your own boss."


Managers, Wedding planner, Politician

More formal than casual
Expensive, Designer (even with casual clothes)
Classy and/or sharp look

Shorter hair styles
Sharp and classy over trendy
Rarely anything un-groomed or out of place

Tone of voice
Loud and forceful
Can be profane and/or sarcastic
Rather rapid pace of speech

Usually a few minutes late cause they have full schedules
Very upset if they are on time and you are not
Always seem to be in a rush

Greeting them
They usually have a firm handshake
They have a space in front of them you should not violate
Speak confidently and loudly to gain their respect

Persuading them
Do Not
tell them what to do Challenge them
They want to get fast, big results. Show them an aggressive plan to follow.
Flatter them

Teaching them
Praise them, then nicely make correction, then praise them again
Don’t criticise them
Be firm and certain of what you are saying
Do not embarrass them

Inspiring them
Challenge them and put them into competition
Expect a lot from them


  • Keywords “HELP” “Showing them products that HELP people” “Fundraising to HELP people” (think of Marge Simpson)

They are very personable and friendly. They are very loyal and excellent team players. They are supporters rather than leaders. They will follow an ethical leader. They are huge on honesty and integrity. They are very family oriented. They love animals and the great outdoors. They are very environmentally conscious. They are natural peacemakers. They do not like conflicts and confrontations. They love to volunteer for a worthy cause. They do not like people who are materialistic or greedy. They do not like people who are fake, and they are very intuitive. They are very creative and expressive

Things Yellow’s Don’t Like:
Yellow’s don’t like it when you suppress their opinions or get into intricate details. They are social animals and don’t like it when you are too impersonal, business-like or task orientated, you need to weave this into the conversation. Don’t try and inhibit their creativity, or appear aloof or detached.

How to interact with a Yellow Personality:
Key to interacting with a yellow it so socialise before mentioning any business, get to know them and be interested in them. To get into their good books talk about options and other people, the benefits of helping others. Be enthusiastic and energetic when conveying your ideas over to them and be fast paced in delivering them. Offer your ideas and importantly use humour when doing so being sociable and acknowledge their input.


Casual and comfortable
Not expensive, flashy or trendy
Lots of earth tones

Longer hair.
Not styled any special way
Nothing flashy for jewelry, etc
Least physically fit of all groups

Tone of voice
Happy and warm tone to voice
Speak softer and slower than other types
Rarely sharp or sarcastic.

Usually on time or early
Respectful of others time
Spend much of business time making small talk and building rapport

Greeting them
They will get close to you. They may even hug you.
Softer handshake
They respond well to a warm smile and eye contact

Persuading Them
Be sincere and interested in their needs (listen to them)
Tell them what to do, showing them a slower path to get started.
Do not challenge them or be boastful or materialistic
They respond to honesty and integrity.
Show them the 'Big Picture"

Teaching Them
Compliment them, correct them very nicely, then praise them for their commitment
Be very mindful of you tone of voice. Do not yell at them and don’t cuss
If they know you care about their well being, they will take instruction
They respond well if you make them feel guilty about letting you down

Inspiring Them
Don’t put them in competition with individuals Talk team victories)
Let them know their production is helping others
Let them know you will be proud of them if they achieve


The party planners, the busy bee’s, the talkers and the one’s who need to be entertained, love to travel, easily distracted and like to be kept busy!

  • Keywords “FUN”, “EXCITEMENT”, “TRAVEL” and “PARTY”

Blues are deep thinkers, analytical in nature, very detail focused and formal in their thinking. They can come across as being a bit cold or distant, but are deliberate in their approach and methodical, precise and pays attention to detail. They like things in their place, and are very organised with good time management skills. They are sticklers for time and are capable of coming to their own conclusions without having examples of others pushed at them. They take their time in their thinking and are much slower paced than the reds or yellows. Blues can come across as perfectionists due to their logical, systematic, precise and deliberate approach to problems or solutions. Blues like to have all the facts, and then logically put together an answer that is suitable.

Things Blue’s Don’t Like:
Don’t come across as dis-organised with a Blue as they are very tidy. Try not to be late as they are sticklers for time keeping. Try not to be flippant or pushy with them. They don’t like vagueness so make sure you have lots of detail and be prepared to have lots of questions thrown at you. Don’t use testimonials or exaggerate claims as they do not fall for this, they are more facts and figures orientated. Don’t be too emotional as they cannot handle emotions.

How to interact with a Blue Personality:
You have to be well prepared when dealing with a Blue personality, get into detail as they love to get all the facts in their mind. Be factual, specific and logical with your approach. Listening is important to a Blue so listen carefully to what they have to say, as they verbalise their thoughts through questioning thoroughly. Give them time to respond as they are slower paced thinkers. Be formal in your approach as they are very business like.


Bright colours
Very hip and trendy
Usually more casual

Trendy hair styles (any wild colours or styles) Spiked
Hair with lots of gel
Can be wrinkled or sloppy

Tone of voice
Upbeat and happy
Loud and fast
They use a lot of slang expressions and current “hip” terms (very informal)

They are late a lot of the time
They go off on tangents and cause meetings to go off track/schedule

Greeting them
They will get very close to you
They are very informal (cool, hip handshakes, etc)
Give them a big smile and you start off on the right foot

Persuading them
Tell them what they should do, but do it nicely
Focus on them hitting short term goals and making immediate cash
Let them know they will have fun and that you will be there for them

Inspiring them
Give them simple, short term contests that they can achieve easily
Publicly recognise them when they achieve success
Let them know that to be included in "inner group" they need to produce solid results
Never go to long without some fun.
They will lose interest if it’s all work, all the time



Cool laid back relaxed and patient best describes the personality traits of the Green. They are easy to get along with and very informal in their approach. They are social and focus on relationships so can come across as emotional. They are much slower paced in their thinking and are very democratic people. They are very understanding, and agreeable. They say yes, but mean no? The green is the go between for the Red’s and Yellow’s who are much faster paced. They act as the facilitator to conflicts.

Things Green’s Don’t Like:
Green’s won’t be happy if you’re pushy or put them on a spot, Green’s absolutely hate this. Don’t try and dominate the discussion or rush things and they do not like when you decide for them so try to avoid this. Don’t be abrupt, explain in full and do not make wild claims or demands. They can also tell if you are insincere, so try not to be.

How to interact with a Green Personality:
Be friendly and show genuine interest in them, chat before going into business. It is important to develop trust first, be informal and non-threatening. However, be alert for non-verbal signs of concern, remember they say yes but mean no, but their body language will allay this. If you notice any non-verbal signs of concern, uncover their needs with open questions. Allow them to weigh things up for themselves.


Lawyer, accountant, scientist, computer programmer, engineer

Very nondescript. Nothing that stands out.
Nothing flashy
Nothing trendy or expensive
Leans towards formal and conservative

Hair style very standard. Nothing wild or stylish
Least concerned about appearance
Most likely to wear glasses (over contacts) and be OK with baldness or physical imperfections
Usually pretty physically fit

Tone of voice
Borderline monotone.
Slow and deliberate
Very articulate.
Very little slang.
Good vocabulary

Very prompt
Upset when others are late
Efficient with use of time.
Very little small talk

Greeting them
They will not get close to you (very germ conscious)
They like having their space
No wild handshakes. Usually no smile or small talk coming from them

Persuading them
Do not tell them what to do.
Explain their options and back off
No hype. Make logical arguments
Use as much 3rd party documentation as possible (the more facts, the better)
Explaining placement properly (without pressure) is very effective

Teaching them
Give it to them straight. Don’t sugar coat things
Be specific with your comments always offering how to find solutions
Walk your talk. They won’t suffer a hypocrite
Refer to documented sources to validate what you are teaching them

Inspiring them
Do not look over their shoulder all the time
Raise their expectations (not the realistic ones they will have naturally)
Stress excellence over perfection


  • Red – talk about money

  • Yellow – talk about product benefits and how business helps people

  • Blue – talk parties, events, conferences, holiday incentives, cars

  • Greens – talk facts, marketing plans, structures


Knowing colour personalities is a fantastic skill to have when looking and promoting your business to find new team members and how to speak to customers, based on the language they would be best to understand.

Here are the two books (quick to read) by Big Al, you should grab them and start working with this technique, you will see so many colours all around you and now you can talk to them in ‘their language’.

Now you have a clearer understanding  of all the colour personalities. This can be very useful if you can work out, who in your team is a particular colour, you will now know how to get the best out of them and what not to do not to get their backs up!!

We all have a mix of these personality colours in us, but one particular colour may stand out more than most, this is known as your dominant colour and is more your true personality. I hope you find this information a great starting point in working with, recruiting and understanding people’s ‘colour personalities’.

What’s  your colour? Let me know by leaving me a comment below.

Big Al’s colour personality test can be found << HERE >>

*Check out this website for the ultimate personality test but if it comes out yellow, do it again being more honest and then that will be your true personality colour

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How to use colour personalities to get the best from your network marketing and direct sales team, to converting your customer to a sale  #colourpersonalities #networkmarketing #fmworld #workfromhometips #directsalestips

How to use colour personalities to get the best from your network marketing and direct sales team, to converting your customer to a sale

#colourpersonalities #networkmarketing #fmworld #workfromhometips #directsalestips