Let's join some groups & make new friends!

So today we’re going to widen your net by starting to build your social community networks.

It's SUPER SIMPLE and it’s VITAL towards the success of your business!


Most people tend to not think outside of their local town when they start thinking about building their team. They think that they need to be able to meet the person over a coffee to be able to chat about their business opportunity. Yes that's all very nice and a bonus if you get a local team but some people maybe just want to focus on building a team online, and it's exactly how I started and made it to the top levels within 12 months. Building a community online and supporting them via various tools like online member sites, Facebook, email, phone calls, webinar and telephone conferences. I simply used 'Attraction Marketing' and chatting in groups.

So let’s think about the world of social media and how wide your reach really is and how wide you can cast that net to catch a few fish. There is a big wide ocean out there for you to explore full of potential people looking for something different to add to their lives, maybe just for some pocket money or a complete lifestyle change or some extra cash to help with month end bills or debts until payday.

What was your why? could anyone else be like you and share the same why? Have you shared it over in our Facebook group yet?

Lets hit Facebook

Firstly (if you are on Facebook) you need to create a business page (your new shop window) to promote your business and to promote yourself as a knowledgeable seller and party planner. If you're a team builder as your new members will also be copying what you do too and see how they should be looking professional also!

Now consider the length of your Facebook name – are you going to be putting this on business cards? Will it fit? Is it easy to remember? Is it professional? use the same name on all your social platforms and use the same profile photo - this is your personal branding and makes you stand out and look professional even more.

Another thing you could also consider is creating your own personal Facebook group and one that interest you (and your ideal customer) start your own interest group.

I have a ‘Wedding in Cumbria’ group which now has over 2000 members, at the time of creating the group my ideal customers were brides who needed extra cash to pay for  their wedding extras (like I needed too when I started my own network marketing business up, I was someone else's ideal customer!) now I have this group I can add 'targeted posts' and I don’t have to worry about admin refusing it or losing out on sales and team members to other reps advertising. No direct sales and network marketing reps are allowed in, so I can happily get to work on adding genuine input and building relationships!

GROUP TIP: Are you in a paid membership group (or specific hobby group where your product would be beneficial) where your ideal customers may also hang out? Why not use what you are learning and getting active in that group by posting questions which will get eyeballs on YOU & naturally people naturally want to know more about you so will go and look you up on your profile, so make sure your page is connected as 'your employer' and your website is easily accessible - I love finding more about people, don't you?

Post 1 idea
'I've been working on module one and I have had a lot of interest in {insert relevant topic} what I've managed to put together - what do you think?'

Post 2 idea (this would also work on your page or personal profile)
Afternoon everyone I'd love some help if anyone is free...
I've been working on this poster design (could be product or recruiting related) and I would love to get your input on it before I post it in my group or on my business page. Is it too much? Does it look too salesy? How would you respond if you saw it, would it encourage you to ask for more information?

Post 3 idea
I hope it's ok to share admin
'I've just created this {insert ebook or blog post} and think it would be super valuable to some of you guys in here' Please feel free to use it.

All of the above will get people interested in knowing more about you, so get engaging in groups by sharing value and skills you've learned, become the person everyone wants to know!

Not got an ebook or a cheat sheet - now is the time to open up Canva or Powerpoint and get creative. Everyone needs something, even if it's what colours are best to wear on your nails or eyes if you have red hair to the 10 step process to having flawless skin. Everyone loves a freebie cheat sheet. Connet to Madmimi or Mail Chimp and start collecting contacts to send your monthly newsletter too.

Here's an example of a post I did in a group I am in full of you guys looking for support, I wonder how many found me and took more of an interest in me because I shared this valuable post?


We all need to have funnels and a place we send people to our groups from

I have a Blog, Twitter, YouTube channel, Pinterest, Snapchat and Instagram account, but I NEVER use these as pushy sales channels and spam people with constant posts saying 'buy my product'. I use my own pictures and share my daily life. I entwine it all together and add a product when it won't look ikky, but part of my life.

You also should now ALSO create a VIP group for customers, people who love your products so they can share excitement about offers coming up. You should never add random people to your group without asking them. People really lose confidence & trust in you, you're seen to just add people as friends, to sell to them - it's about building relationships first!!

You want people to be in your group who want to be in and potentially purchase from you.

Example of adding people who are NOT your ideal customer... someone added me to their Ann Summers group without asking and straight after they added me as a friend on Facebook. I was like whattttt!!! I'm 43, not 23, and them days no longer interest me (well the dressing up a bit and the gadgets!)
I was not that persons ideal customer, they had not even asked me to join. So that didn't help build up that relationship and we're swiftly un-friended!

Using your Personal Facebook Profile

Google ATTRACTION MARKETING - This is what it's all about, creating the FOMO (fear of missing out). You should be sharing motivation, inspiration and posts about your lifestyle, how amazing your business treats you every month, how you can work your business around your other commitments, how you're so pleased you started your opportunity.
Share tips, photos and do team shout-outs - this is what will get someone 'who will be watching you' to pluck up the courage and ask to join your team or buy a product!

I also like to ask a couple of times a month if any of my friends would like to be a 'Fragrance Angel', who want's to earn some extra money in their spare time by showing their work colleagues and friends some fragrance samples. For every 5 bottles, they get orders for I will give them a 50ml Pure fragrance for free. Lots of friends love this option. Could you use this idea in your business?

The more friendships you make and add, the bigger your net becomes and more people will see you and your successful business and products!

Facebook Rules:
You sign up too Facebook to use it for everything personal, it's against the terms of use you authorised when you first joined Facebook to run a business from your personal page, therefore - please be professional and mindful that you risk your account being closed down, numerous times in Facebook jail if you take the mick with it and people will report you for spamming if you constantly post about your business! SHARE a post from your business page to your personal profile, that's totally fine and why you need to be using your Facebook business page more, and you can still share your behind the scenes on your personal profile, you're not selling, but sharing your daily life! Time to get clever and building relationships.


  1. Your Personal Brand - What you represent

  2. Your Mindset - Who you are speaking to

Section 1: Your Personal Brand

I want to help you discover your personal branding identity in a simple way that will help you to present yourself on social media with plan and purpose so that you can build a loyal following of the right sorts of people who just “get you” and live video is the fastest way for you to achieve this and grow your reach and audience.

Your personal brand is NOT the product or services that you sell or offer. Your logo is YOUR FACE and your personal brand simply put is ---> YOU! 

It is all the things that make you unique - your knowledge, your passions, your dreams, your talents, your struggles, your fears, your loves, your scars inside and out - all of your experience is the story of what has made you who you are today!

Your brand is also how your friends, family and followers would describe you, what you are known for, what people would say about you when you were not around to hear… This is your reputation.

It is extremely important that you build a strong reputation and put yourself in a position of authority so that your brand is taken seriously. No! You do not have to “know it all” and be the number one expert in your field, but you are the expert on HOW you do it. The experiences that have brought you to this point make you stand out is what makes YOU UNIQUE - people may first come to you for your product or service, but they stay because of YOU and what you represent.

You need to allow yourself permission to speak about it and share it with the world. By sharing what you love and using it to help others and believing in yourself and your passions and doing it with confidence will attract your people to you.


YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL and the world deserves to experience what you have to offer!

Your brand will evolve over time just - as will you through your experiences. With only this short lesson you will not get complete clarity on your personal brand but please see this as a great starting point.

Now is the time to take imperfect action as “imperfect action is better than no action at all”

Just remember baby steps - and allow your brand to evolve with time.

Get up NOW! and go and get a pen and a sheet of paper. Get your phone out and set a timer for 10 minutes (I do not want you to overthink this one). I want to start writing and tapping into your emotions and feelings --- just let your thoughts & feelings flow through you, down your arm, into your hand and out your pen onto the paper.

Ask yourself the following question as you write:

  • Why did you start doing what you do?

  • What have you been through to get to this point?

  • What defining moments have you experienced that led you here?

  • What do you represent?

  • Why are you in the business you are in now?

  • Who would be your ideal client/customer/viewer?

  • Who do you want to serve and help?

  • What do you want to world to know you for?

  • What things have you figured out in life? (your skills and talents)

  • What are the sorts of questions you hear all the time?

  • What is it that you love most about what you do?

  • What do you people say they like most about what you do?

  • People connect with me when they want to know about ...

  • People tell me I am good at …

  • My friends would tell people I do …

  • My friends would describe me a …

  • If I was paid for my passion what would it be?

  • If I could spend my time doing 1 thing what would it be?

Section 2: Your Mindset Shift

Going live can be very daunting if you are trying to attract every single person in the world and get them to LIKE you. If you STOP trying to attract AND sell to EVERYONE and just start focusing on attracting those who have the same interests, same morals, same life outlook as you, your business will shift!!!

In this section, you will be defining your viewer, that person who is just like YOU so you can better serve the ones who really matter, and FORGET about the ones that don’t.

Answer the following questions in today's workbook to help you visualise the person you are talking directly too:

  1. What is their age?

  2. What is their marital status

  3. How many children do they have (if any)?

  4. What animals do they have?

  5. What do they like to do as a hobby in their spare time?

  6. What is their family income?

  7. What is their job?

  8. Where do they like to holiday?

  9. What car do they drive?

  10. What is their favourite food?

  11. What is their favourite TV show?

  12. What is their favourite movie genre?

  13. What style of music do they listen too?

  14. What books do they enjoy to read?

  15. What style of clothes do they wear?

  16. What type of person do you NOT want to attract as a follower?

Today’s Task & Video Wrap Up

Pop over to MOMENTUM and find the photo album FOUNDATION TO SUCCESS and comment on DAY 3 and share with us your new business page link (the URL) and then also share it on your personal profile asking friends to support your new business << ACCESS GROUP HERE >>

*If you haven't made a business page yet - go ahead and spend some time today making one, then tag that page on your personal profile as your place of work and give yourself a job title - people can now immediately go and click the link and come and see your business - promotion, promotion, promotion!

2. Who is your ideal customer - check out the workbook below and start to think of who it is, you will need this information for tomorrow's training.  But let's make a start, please share with us what you do and who your ideal customer is (age, sex, likes, dislikes & how your product can help them).

Finding Your Ideal Customer << workbook Here>>

Until tomorrow