The benefits of opening a FREE customer account with FM World

So what are the benefits of opening a customer account with FM World, apart from it being FREE to register?

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The great advantage of being part of the FM WORLD is the fact, that the company offers so many products that we all use daily such as perfumes, body care products, household cleaning and maintenance products and others such as weight management, vitamins, herbal teas & even fresh coffee!

Preferred Customers have the option to buy FM WORLD products at lower prices, saving a fortune on their own purchases that they would normal pay in the high street.

The main benefit of being a preferred customer with FM World has to be it is FREE to register 'forever' and here are another 18 reasons.

You are given the luxury of;

  1. Access to over 900 products 24 hours a day

  2. No monthly books to push through doors and go back to collect

  3. No deadline order days, you can order anytime and when is suitable for you

  4. Receive a text message telling you the time of delivery if ordered before 1pm your item is posted out the same working day and you can even arrange delivery to a local drop off point, so missing your goodies!

  5. A FOREVER discount of a minimum 25 - 35% (plus regular further offers on selected products)

  6. Ability to order and ship to anywhere in the world

  7. 24 hour support & product knowledge training

  8. Pay in cash at the local Neasden office in London or you can order online, order via email, and pay using paypal, debit card or bank transfer

  9. You can earn incentives which includes, holidays, product vouchers, free products with 300 point orders, cars and cash!

  10. Within your first 10 days of registering you earn a further special discount of another 30% off top selling products, you pay only £6.65 for a bottle of Pure perfume which is normally £9.50 to those registered and this would normally retail at £13.50! kerchinggggg

  11. Make new friends (all over the world)

  12. Build confidence and learn new skills

  13. Opportunity to take it further and create a business with extra income

  14. Join from 16 years old

  15. Save money for getting your gifts for birthdays and other celebrations

  16. Purchase your own wedding favours (mini perfume & aftershave vials) or personalised fragrances

  17. Don't have to leave the house - just shop online

  18. There is no hassle or pushy phone calls or email marketing always coming through asking you to (or pestering you) place an order. Order as/when you like.

So are you ready to become a preferred customer and join FM World today?

SIGN UP HERE for free and order your favourite products the same day and at preferred customer prices!

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