What are Pheromones?

Let’s take a closer look at Pheromones


So what are Pheromones?

Pheromone is a Greek form of the word “pheran,” which means to transfer, and “horman” or to excite. For animals, the release of pheromones is their form of communication. For humans, many experts suggest that it is a form of inducing attraction to the opposite sex.

For women, the best way to release natural pheromones is through sweat. Unfortunately, this is not a good way to meet men, right? Apparently, sweating releases the largest amount of androstenol pheromone.

And believe it or not, this type of pheromone increases your sexual attraction and attracts men in an unconscious way.

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Aside from this, your body naturally releases copulin. This type of pheromone is a natural aromatic acid that has a relaxing effect on men. Copulin is at its strongest during your fertile stage. Hence, any hormonal imbalances brought by birth control pills or menopause can mess up this type of pheromone.

Keep in mind that pheromones for women are invisible and odorless. Still, the nose can detect pheromones through the vomeronasal organ, or the VNO. Once the VNO detects the female pheromones, the chemicals will send signals to the man’s brain, particularly the hypothalamus. This subconsciously triggers the biological sexual response and stimulates sexual attraction.


Do pheromone perfumes/aftershaves really work?

Pheromone perfumes undoubtedly work, but it’s not entirely certain why they work. They smell great, and that may be enough. There is evidence to suggest that the pheromone perfume makers are on to something, as their perfumes are undoubtedly alluring and seem to add heat and spice to romantic encounters. Are these responses a result of the triggered animal within? We’re not entirely sure about that.

What we do know is that no scent yet discovered has the power to make a person utterly irresistible. If the situation is just right, though, and if the pairing is just so, the result can be explosive. The right scent can add fuel to the flames, making the explosion burn brighter and longer. Without that basic but illusive chemistry, nothing in science’s arsenal can create love out of thin air.

If your lover finds your scent irresistible, chemistry might be at play. It’s just as likely, though, that it is you that is the magnetic secret ingredient.


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