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How do I join FM World?

Step one:  Register. You can register ON-LINE by filling in the ONLINE REGISTRATION FORM

Step two: If you choose to register as a distributor, you can buy the starter kit with your 10-day offers, you DO NOT need to purchase a kit on signing up, you can add this at a later date.

Your choices:

Preferred Customer  FREE REGISTRATION, If you register as a preferred customer, you can buy your products with up to 33% discount, you can update your status to a full business partner at any time by emailing office@fmcosmetics.co.uk.
Your 10 Days discounts and ability to earn incentives on orders, still also apply to Preferred Customers.
Business Partner FREE REGISTRATION & recruiter upgrade in 2019 - no kit required to build a team. This option allows you to really build a business and start to introduce friends and build a team straight away. Please speak to your sponsor for further details.

What does the starter kit include?

fm world starter kit.jpg

Complete starter pack 150  £59.99 ◾ 1 Black Briefcase with 150 samples and a pen ◾ 1 Product Catalogue ◾ 1 Marketing Plan Booklet ◾ Business Opportunity Leaflet ◾ 1 Price List Booklet PLUS ADDITIONAL STATIONERY PACK which consists of the following sales aids: ◾ Party Manual Booklet ◾ Party Invitations set of 25 ◾ Work from Home Mums & Dads Leaflet set of 100 ◾ Customer Vouchers - set of 100 ◾ Earning Opportunity Leaflet - set of 100 ◾ Beauty Professionals Opportunity Leaflet - set of 100 ◾ Utique Samples - Set of 8 ◾ Fragrance Strips ◾ Receipt Pad

Starter Kit 150 £48.50 ◾ 1 Black Briefcase with 150 samples and a pen ◾ 1 Product Catalogue ◾ 1 Marketing Plan Booklet ◾ 1 Price List Booklet

Mini Starter kit  £11.50 ◾ 1 Black handbag size leather case containing 20 fragrance samples that are best selling in the UK ◾ 1 Product Catalogue ◾ 1 Marketing Plan Booklet ◾ Business Opportunity Leaflet ◾ 1 Price List Booklet

Please add £6 shipping onto the prices if not adding anything else. Prices include 20% VAT.

When do I get my password to login to the back office?

Straight away! Once you have registered, you will receive an email from the company, verify this link. Then you are sent your ID number, password and your Orchid upline contact details should you not know who is your sponsor.
If you don’t get ID then please contact your sponsor or email head office to get your password re-sent but please check your spam filter first and verify the initial link on registration. After you have received your login and password you will have access to distributors zone to check all new information, promotions, distributors news and prices. Please login regularly to check latest news. You can access the shop from this place also.

What support is in place?

Not only do you have access to various tools and documents in your business partner area of the main FM website, from the minute you register you are put into our training systems. If you have registered into my down line team, you are sent a welcome email from your sponsor who will ask you to make contact and you can then arrange some welcome training and be added to our training groups on Facebook. This is where you can access weekly training and lots of other support from members at every level in the business. You can also access our 10-day Foundation Training which really covers everything you need to get your business going and earning within your first 30-days (this is available via email or messenger).
If you have made contact with your sponsor and discussed your goals and reasons for starting your FM business you will then also be sent a welcome pack to help you get started if you want to make FM a business and not just for placing personal orders..

How soon can I place an order?

As soon as you are added to our team, you are sent a booklet with all the ordering information and much more. You can order products when your registration is completed and you have verified registration and then received your FM ID number and password.   You can order through the on-line shop, over the phone or by email. If you order and pay before 1pm you will have your products shipped that very same day to DPD so it could even be delivered the next working day. However we do say please allow 2/3 days especially in busy periods

Do I have to sell?

Not at all, you can team build or simply order for personal use.
Most people don’t like selling (I prefer to coach and build a team). With FM you can use the products yourself, you just recommend them to family and friends like you would a good restaurant or film.

whats FM about with my website.png

How do I get free delivery?

You won’t pay the shipping costs if you order over 580 points of products. So it’s a good idea to place bulk orders instead of single one’s. Every product comes with a points value which can help you reach levels, receive rewards and discounts…

If your order is:

0-318 points – £6 delivery charge

319-579 points – £4 delivery charge

580 or more points – £0

Do I need much time for FM?

There are 24 hours in a day, it’s about putting aside some time each day that will help you to get out of the situation you are in. I cut out some TV initially to make time and now I’m seeing great results.
Need a lot of income? Then a lot of hours and commitment will be needed on your behalf. Speak to you sponsor who will help you work out what is required to help you reach your goals.

Why are FM products not in the high street?

FM Group decided the best way to move its products is through Network Marketing. If they chose to go through the high street chains there would be costly advertising, celebrity endorsements to pay for and expensive demonstration counters. We believe in supplying high quality products at very affordable prices.

If you’re an avid pinner like me, I’d appreciate you pinning this image and spreading the world

If you’re an avid pinner like me, I’d appreciate you pinning this image and spreading the world


You can read more bout getting started on these recent blog posts:

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Do you have any more questions for me?

Please feel free to drop me a comment of come over to my BUSINESS PAGE on Facebook and drop me a message, I am happy to answer any questions and share my many years of FM experience with you.

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How to make Aurile Coffee & Walnut Cupcakes

Let’s make some coffee cupcakes using Aurile vanilla coffee by FM World

I’d love for you to share this pin, spreading the word of Aurile Coffee

I’d love for you to share this pin, spreading the word of Aurile Coffee


Makes 12       

Cake Mixture

115g (4oz) Butter (Room temperature)

115g (4oz) Caster Sugar

115g (4oz) Self Raising Flour (3 tsp extra needed for thickening mixture)

1 Cup of Aurile Vanilla Coffee (only need 3 tsp of coffee - cooled)

2 Eggs

1 Tsp Baking Powder

45g (1.5oz) Walnuts (crushed)   

Butter Icing

150g (5oz) Icing Sugar + 3 tsp for extra and dusting.

87g (3oz) Butter

1 Cup of Aurile Vanilla Coffee (only need 3 tsp depending on how strong you want it)

6 Walnuts halved for decoration. (optional)


Bun tin

Bun cases

Piping Bag

Cafetiere/French Press


1.       Preheat the oven to 180°C/160°C fan/350°F/gas 4). Place bun cases into bun tray.
2.       Make up a Cafeteria of Aurile Vanilla Coffee or whichever coffee you have chosen, pour a cup out and leave to one side to cool, (Pour a second cup to drink to taste the beautiful taste of Aurile Coffee)
3.       Mix together the butter, caster sugar, flour, baking powder and eggs until smooth, add in the crushed walnuts.
4.       To the mixture add a tablespoon at a time of the cooled Aurile Coffee if it begins to become runny add some of the extra self raising flour. (add as much of the coffee as you require depending on how strong of a coffee taste you want)
5.       Once you have the correct balance, spoon into the individual bun case and place in the oven on the middle shelf for about 15 minutes (or until golden Brown and they spring up when pressed in the middle). Take out of oven and place on cooling rack.
6.       While cakes are cooling make the icing, Sift the Icing sugar into a bowl and add the butter, mix together until smooth. Add one spoonful at a time of the cooled Aurile coffee to the icing mixture you may need to add extra icing sugar to thicken (add more coffee if you want a stronger coffee taste)
7.       Place the mixture into the piping bag and pipe onto cooled cupcakes, place the halved walnuts (optional) for decoration and dust will remaining icing sugar. 
8.       Enjoy your cupcakes with a cup of Aurile coffee.

Your can purchase your own Aurile Coffee here or why not open a free FM Preferred Customer account and purchase it at wholesale and get it shipped to your door next working day!
REGISTER HERE (no main/max orders)

Have you tried making making these yet?

Whats your favourite Aurile coffee flavour I’d love to know - drop me a comment below and happy cupcake making!

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What are Pheromones?

Let’s take a closer look at Pheromones


So what are Pheromones?

Pheromone is a Greek form of the word “pheran,” which means to transfer, and “horman” or to excite. For animals, the release of pheromones is their form of communication. For humans, many experts suggest that it is a form of inducing attraction to the opposite sex.

For women, the best way to release natural pheromones is through sweat. Unfortunately, this is not a good way to meet men, right? Apparently, sweating releases the largest amount of androstenol pheromone.

And believe it or not, this type of pheromone increases your sexual attraction and attracts men in an unconscious way.

pheromones 1.PNG

Aside from this, your body naturally releases copulin. This type of pheromone is a natural aromatic acid that has a relaxing effect on men. Copulin is at its strongest during your fertile stage. Hence, any hormonal imbalances brought by birth control pills or menopause can mess up this type of pheromone.

Keep in mind that pheromones for women are invisible and odorless. Still, the nose can detect pheromones through the vomeronasal organ, or the VNO. Once the VNO detects the female pheromones, the chemicals will send signals to the man’s brain, particularly the hypothalamus. This subconsciously triggers the biological sexual response and stimulates sexual attraction.


Do pheromone perfumes/aftershaves really work?

Pheromone perfumes undoubtedly work, but it’s not entirely certain why they work. They smell great, and that may be enough. There is evidence to suggest that the pheromone perfume makers are on to something, as their perfumes are undoubtedly alluring and seem to add heat and spice to romantic encounters. Are these responses a result of the triggered animal within? We’re not entirely sure about that.

What we do know is that no scent yet discovered has the power to make a person utterly irresistible. If the situation is just right, though, and if the pairing is just so, the result can be explosive. The right scent can add fuel to the flames, making the explosion burn brighter and longer. Without that basic but illusive chemistry, nothing in science’s arsenal can create love out of thin air.

If your lover finds your scent irresistible, chemistry might be at play. It’s just as likely, though, that it is you that is the magnetic secret ingredient.


When I first started my FM business I really had very little confidence to do public events but knew I had to do them to get our company name out there. Back then I was the only person in Cumbria and it’s a huge area to have all to yourself, so I had to get out there and do these events so I tried our pheromones after reading all about them. The FM pheromone range was also tested in the British Science Museum, so there had to be something in them!

Well let me tell you something (as I was also pretty skeptical), I’m only 5’2” short and after spraying on the pheromones in 81, I felt 5’7” tall!! They seriously worked in helping me have an ‘air of confidence’, I have been a strong promoter of them ever since!!

FM Pheromones are £13.50 30ml or £14.50 for 50ml

Ask me for a guide to our numbers that help you find the perfect number you will love

Why not register for a free FM account and order them direct and at wholesale price (about 25-33% off retail) as/when you want & need! Read more over here

Have you tried the pheromone range yet?
Please share your experiences in the comments below

The benefits of opening a FREE customer account with FM World

So what are the benefits of opening a customer account with FM World, apart from it being FREE to register?

benefits of being a preferred customer.png

The great advantage of being part of the FM WORLD is the fact, that the company offers so many products that we all use daily such as perfumes, body care products, household cleaning and maintenance products and others such as weight management, vitamins, herbal teas & even fresh coffee!

Preferred Customers have the option to buy FM WORLD products at lower prices, saving a fortune on their own purchases that they would normal pay in the high street.

The main benefit of being a preferred customer with FM World has to be it is FREE to register 'forever' and here are another 18 reasons.

You are given the luxury of;

  1. Access to over 900 products 24 hours a day

  2. No monthly books to push through doors and go back to collect

  3. No deadline order days, you can order anytime and when is suitable for you

  4. Receive a text message telling you the time of delivery if ordered before 1pm your item is posted out the same working day and you can even arrange delivery to a local drop off point, so missing your goodies!

  5. A FOREVER discount of a minimum 25 - 35% (plus regular further offers on selected products)

  6. Ability to order and ship to anywhere in the world

  7. 24 hour support & product knowledge training

  8. Pay in cash at the local Neasden office in London or you can order online, order via email, and pay using paypal, debit card or bank transfer

  9. You can earn incentives which includes, holidays, product vouchers, free products with 300 point orders, cars and cash!

  10. Within your first 10 days of registering you earn a further special discount of another 30% off top selling products, you pay only £6.65 for a bottle of Pure perfume which is normally £9.50 to those registered and this would normally retail at £13.50! kerchinggggg

  11. Make new friends (all over the world)

  12. Build confidence and learn new skills

  13. Opportunity to take it further and create a business with extra income

  14. Join from 16 years old

  15. Save money for getting your gifts for birthdays and other celebrations

  16. Purchase your own wedding favours (mini perfume & aftershave vials) or personalised fragrances

  17. Don't have to leave the house - just shop online

  18. There is no hassle or pushy phone calls or email marketing always coming through asking you to (or pestering you) place an order. Order as/when you like.

So are you ready to become a preferred customer and join FM World today?

SIGN UP HERE for free and order your favourite products the same day and at preferred customer prices!

Are you on Facebook? I'd love to see you over there. Pop by my business page and say hello

10 Benefits of Detoxing your Body

You may have heard of “detoxing your body.” But have you tried it for yourself?

If you’ve been considering a detox but aren’t sure, learning about the many benefits of detoxing will help you make up your mind.

Detox diets get rid of toxins in the body and develop the habits that will keep you on track for a healthier life.

As you may know, the body has its own natural detox methods. The liver, sweat, and urine are all ways your body rids itself of toxins.

However, sometimes these vital organs work too hard and need a break. A detox diet is a great way to take the pressure off your organs, so you can keep them strong for the future.

There are many different types of detox diets, and each one will give you slightly different results. But no matter which you choose, the benefits of detoxing can’t be denied. Let’s take a look at 10 ways a detox diet can benefit you.


1. Weight Loss and Management

There are many reasons to do a detox besides losing weight. But if weight loss is one of your goals, a detox diet can be a great way to jumpstart your progress.

Detoxing can also help with long-term weight management. If you’re at an ideal weight but want to make sure you stay there, try a detox to keep your body on track.

One of the best things about a detox is that it doesn’t just help right now — it sets you up to have healthy habits in the future. So even after you’re done with the detox, you’ll have the habits you need to keep on track for future weight loss or weight maintenance.

2. More Energy

An energy boost is one of the first benefits of detoxing you’ll notice.

Who doesn’t want more energy to get them through the day? Between work, family, hobbies, exercise, and a social life, the modern world demands a lot from us.

Detoxing takes away things like sugar and caffeine that cause energy crashes, leaving you with more stable energy throughout the day.

3. Aids Internal Organs

As mentioned above, detoxing helps your body out with toxin removal. It purifies toxins that your organs may not be able to keep up with, and gives those organs that are responsible for waste removal a much-needed rest.

Even if your liver, kidneys, and other organs are in healthy working order, your body may still be storing more toxins than you realize. A detox is a great way to get rid of those toxins and help your internal organs to their job more effectively.

4. Better Immune System

Since detoxing takes some of the workload off your organs, they can then do a better job of protecting your body from illness. You’ll absorb much-needed nutrients faster, like Vitamin C, which is known to be great for the immune system.

If you’re on a detox that involves taking certain herbs, you might also experience a boost to the lymphatic system. This system is partially responsible for keeping you healthy and toxin-free, so you’ll want it working well.

5. Nicer Breath

The removal of toxins from your body has some pleasant side effects besides improving your health.

One of the benefits of detoxing is better breath. Your digestive system will be able to function better, removing some of the causes of bad breath.

However, keep in mind that during the detox your breath may actually get worse, because your body is adjusting to the changes and releasing the toxins. After it’s done, you’ll see the benefits.



6. Clearer Skin

You can use all the most elaborate skincare regimes, but if your diet isn’t healthy, you’ll still experience skin problems. A detox is one of the surefire ways to clear up your skin.

Some detoxes even include a sauna element, so you’ll be able to literally sweat out some of the toxins that clog your pores. But even if you only use diet, you’ll still see results.

As with your breath, sometimes the issue will get worse during the detox itself, and clear up after the detox is over. So be prepared for a new breakout or skin issue while your body is in the detoxification process.

7. Improved Thinking

For clearer thoughts and a better memory, detoxing is the way to go.

The benefits of detoxing aren’t just physical. In fact, many detoxes include ways to care for your mind, as well as your body. You might use meditation as part of your detox plan, for example.

The sugar crashes and other negative effects of an unhealthy diet can also affect your mind. Once you’ve experienced this detox benefit, you’ll never want to go back.

8. Shinier Hair

Shiny, healthy hair is yet another benefit of detoxing. Your follicles need the right nutrients to grow healthy hair. A buildup of toxins prevents those nutrients from getting where they need to be and often results in dry, brittle, broken tresses.

You might also see faster growth, making this a great idea for anyone planning to grow out their hair.

9. Slowed Signs of Ageing

Growing older is a beautiful thing, but we don’t always want the outward signs of aging that come with it.

Detoxing helps you slow down the visible signs of aging by reducing toxins that contribute to the skin damage we usually associate with growing older.

10. Enjoy Your Food

One of the myths of detoxing is that you won’t enjoy anything you eat during the process.

The reality is that a detox diet can actually help you enjoy your food more. This doesn’t mean you won’t experience cravings for sugar and the other things you cut out of your diet — at least at first.

However, detoxing increases your connection with, and awareness of, the things you’re putting in your body. You’ll be eating healthy, well-rounded meals mindfully, and you can still use some of the foods you love while incorporating new things that you may learn you love too.


Ready to Experience the Benefits of Detoxing?

There are many benefits of detoxing — both for your mental and physical health.

Best of all, a detox jumpstarts you on the path to a healthy lifestyle that you’ll be able to maintain for years to come.

Are you ready to detox?

You can purchase your own 30-day Nutricode ‘Detox in a Box’ via FM World UK (rrp £60) or you have the option to sign up as a FREE PREFERRED CUSTOMER where you can then purchase the product for only £28 in your first 10-days (£40 thereafter).

You can view the full product range that you can purchase at customer or wholesale prices HERE