Lets Get Social Elites

The Lets’ Get Social Elites is a monthly mastermind membership programme designed to educate, connect & inspire passionate direct sellers & network marketers. The Elites is an external programme and will also meet up in a unique Facebook group that you gives you access to your own personal social media and business coach in one place, you will also get access to a unique library of resources and training which is added to all the time!

Would you like to be able to shorten the learning curve and have YOUR specific questions answered that have to do with your business?

Most of the time, it isn’t just about new platforms, systems or procedures, it is about getting comfortable with ourselves and our business and putting ourselves out there, stepping outside our comfort zone.

We will tackle everything I have learned from some of the best coaches in the world, along with how to avoid self-doubt, foster a positive mindset, visualise your future, learn about personal branding, attraction marketing and so much more.

What is Group Coaching?

A budget-friendly way for  Consultants to have their own social media & business coach right at their fingertips. Avoid going in the wrong direction by having someone there at all times who can answer your questions and teach you what the most popular trends are that will work for YOUR business. 

Building Your Business and Your Personal Brand online Doesn’t Have to be So Hard
There should be a place where you can…

  1. Ask Questions
  2. 2. Get quick answers & step by step instructions from someone who has ‘actually’ done it

Who Should Join:

Work at home mums and anyone ‘stuck’ in directs or network marketing.
Direct sales leaders
Party Planners
Home based business owners
Women who want to be part of a community of people in the same place who can help and support each other reach their goals

What Does an ELITE Member Get?

  • Access to a unique library of resources that is updated monthly, currently this includes my 10-day boot camp training, 5 day Kickstart programme and in-depth social media training including best practice for building a successful network marketing & direct sales business online.
  • Once a week mini coaching session with live  Q&A at the end.  Replay is available immediately after the event.
  • x1 monthly LIVE webinar Zoom group coaching session. Get your questions answered there and then looking at your social media accounts and issues and putting a plan in place instantly (replay available in the group to access anytime).
  • Members will get the chance to guest coach and share their experiences with all members to help grow their own confidence and skills.
  • Support from ME and support from your peers who are serious about moving forward in their business
  • Secret Facebook group filled with resources, ideas, graphics, new friendships, how to’s and more.
  • No more searching. Immediate answers to your questions.
  • VIP access to expert advice
  • External training library FULL of training and downloadable resources for sellers and team leaders.

What Will I Gain?

  • Self Confidence
  • Friendships
  • A kick in the butt (and I’m not joking) if needed
  • Accountability
  • Inspiration & Motivation
  • Training and Resources to market your business online
  • Online communication skills (Be classy, not spammy)
  • Social Media Experience (Facebook Live, Graphics,  Blogging, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Periscope)
  • Mentoring and Support
  • All the how to’s you need so YOU can shorten that learning curve

Don’t Worry! It’s Self Paced for All Skill Levels

The Let’s Get Social Elite Programme consists of self-paced learning programme and information for people of all skill levels whether you’ve been in direct sales or network marketing for years or if you’ve just signed up. This programme will benefit you and dramatically transform you and your business into the modern, socially connected and personally branded empire you have always dreamt about.

A Programme Based on What YOU Need

This Program was created based on what I wished I had when I started my own network marketing business. These are not opinions or ideas made up on a whim. The information I share with consultants has been taught to me by absolute experts including Kim Garst who has built a million dollar empire and know the ins and outs of Social Media, digital strategy, personal branding and more.

What Does it Cost?

Only £5 for a 14 Day Trial! I know I tried a bazillion coaches and spent a lot of money on programme’s I never used. I want you to be able to try this out, in a group coaching setting to see if this is for you first.

Come & Join us! £5 just to take a peek. After that, you will be grandfathered in for only £12.00 per month (which will gradually increase to £24.99 per month). Simply click the LET'S DO THIS button below!

You will be emailed the link to join your new group.

Please make sure you add your FACEBOOK NAME so I can relate the payment to the NAME.
You will be billed £5 initially and then £12.00 thereafter for the following month.
You can stop the payment anytime.

**You can try it out for £5 and see if it’s for you. You control your subscription and can cancel that at any time!
**In the event that you cancel your subscription, you will be removed from the Let’s Get Social Elites group and the training library immediately upon doing so and if you wish to return then you will pay the price of subscription on re-joining.