Now we're coming to the end of your first 10 days so I thought I would cover these questions that you will get asked, if not already done so - but let's see how you would best answer them!

Overcoming Objections

Q) I have not got any money to buy the kit 
A) You really need this business then. Why don't you have a party/show catalogues and a few sample products around and from the commissions earned you will be able to buy a kit. There is such potential for you then. Or maybe do what I did, I had a massive clear out and raised the funds on eBay.

You may also have received a sample pack and brochure from your sponsor upon joining the team, that will be enough to get you started and showing to friends.

Q) I am really busy and haven't got time! 
A) There are 24 hours in a day; it's about putting aside some time each day that will help you to get out of the situation you are in. I cut out daytime TV to make time for doing some FM promotion/work and now I'm seeing great results.

Q) I don't like selling! 
A) Most people don't. With FM you can use the products yourself. Then just recommend them to family and friends like you would a good restaurant or film. There is no 'strict' have to sell with FM. How about building your own team?

Q) I don't think I can do this 
A) It's free to register. Why don't you try some of the products for yourself? Once you believe in the products the recommending comes naturally. Then you will be able to share this opportunity with others.

Q) I have never heard of FM! 
A) That's the exciting thing - the potential is HUGE!

Another reason is that FM doesn't spend money on expensive advertising; instead, we use word of mouth recommendation. FM came to the UK in 2006. It is a fast growing International company in over 50 countries worldwide. 

Q) Why are FM perfumes not stocked at the high street stores? 
A) FM decided the best way to move its products is through Network Marketing. If they chose to go through the high street chains there would be costly advertising, celebrity endorsements to pay for any expensive demonstration counters. We believe in supplying high-quality products at very affordable prices.

Q) Are the prices more expensive? 
A) No, the prices of our fragrances are actually a lot less than people usually expect to pay. We don't have the endorsements and extra VAT's that high-street brands pay - we do everything 'in-house' and save a fortune by doing this, we then pass the savings onto you.

Q) I don't know many people! 
A) There are 60 million people in the UK. You will be surprised who you know, just look at your friends on your mobile phone, and address book. (A few people can lead to thousands of people). I am an only child and have no siblings or larger family, I also don't have a large social network of friends, but I still manage to order for myself and sell to a few friends via Facebook and them seeing my statuses.

Q) I don't think this is for me 
A) If the business side is not for you, how about just being a Preferred Customer. You can place orders and have shopping delivered to your door at the wholesale price. The products are fantastic and you will save a fortune!

Q) I cannot make a decision now until I have spoken to my husband/wife first. 
A) I can arrange a time to show you both together the business plan or arrange a 3-way zoom video call.

Q) It sounds like a pyramid scheme! 
A) A pyramid is illegal. FM is not a pyramid scheme, the sponsor DOES NOT earn a commission from new members joining the business, we only earn from sales made – just like any other business. We have a physical product, pyramids do not.

Q) I haven't got time to go round and see everyone 
A) You can get a replica website. There are many tools and websites to help train people from the comfort of your own home. There is so much technology available with FM. There are webinars, downloads of presentations and a full upline support team. I also don't go round lots of people, I work a lot of my business online.

Q) Some of the FM fragrances remind me of other brands, why is this? 
A) All fragrances fall into the same family groups, you can't copyright a type of smell, and with 150 unique FM fragrances, some other brands may well produce fragrances that smell like our ones.

Q) Is there alcohol in the perfume? 
A) Yes, most fragrances people buy have alcohol in. The alcohol in FM perfumes has been denatured, so it cannot be drunk internally. In other words, if you tried to drink it you would be sick.

Q) I get reactions to some perfumes! 
A) I can do a skin test like they do at the beauty salons. Put a small amount of perfume on your upper arm and leave it for 24 hours. See if you react to it. Would you like to give it a try? Some ingredients even in washing liquids can cause reactions, maybe you have an allergy to citrus, rose, neroli… let’s do a skin test and see which are good for you.

I hope you really have learned from these sessions and are now ready to, if not doing so already - building an amazing business with FM.


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