Let's Party!

I hope that you have already benefited from the lessons in these emails and you are enjoying them, are you ready for this one?

Let's talk about Perfume Parties.

Please download and Print out the process that will maximise your sales <<PARTY DEMONSTRATION WORKBOOK>>

These types of parties have been around for years. I can remember when I was little my Mum going a similar party for Tupperware containers! Many products can be sold via a party plan. A perfume party is one of the easiest types of party to do. You don't need any special training, just know the products and their benefits/uses.

Just remember "Show, Sniff & Sell"

Don't forget to stand out from other reps advertising their basic 10% discounts, perhaps offer 15% AND  a choice of party: perfume & makeup workshops - coffee morning - home care demo day, free goody bags and free coffee makers (lots of gadgets on sale on Ebay, Amazon and Wowcher, what sounds like a fantastic offer/prize to the hostess). 

Parties should take only 1.5 - 2 hours - NO MORE or your then eating into your own profit.

A good way to get a party booked is by holding your own. If you don't have the room etc where you live, ask a friend if they will let you hold a party in their home. Once you have your first party booked, it's likely that some of the guests will want to host their own party.

Have a 30-minute online party and use it as your own business launch and share with your friends the 10-day products you purchased, tell them about FM and why you joined and show them the fantastic product selection.

You even place a card in a shop window advertising a perfume party and always share on your local Facebook selling pages.

So you have arranged your own LAUNCH NIGHT or OPEN DAY or a friend has agreed to HELP you launch your business and you have a date for the event. Now to COACH the hostess, this will increase sales and guarantee more guests and a fantastic party!

Please check out the team page section Parties & downloads - you can also download the hostess pack here (PERSONALLY hand deliver 10-14 days before party): HOSTESS PACK

Hostess Coaching 
One of the most important elements to the success of any party is what happens before the day of the party itself and the role of your host.

Where possible it is best to arrange to see your host at their house around 4 weeks before the party. Firstly, this gives you a chance to make sure you know where the house is if you have not been there before and saves you having to search for it on the night of the party. 
A good trick is to give the host a couple of plain balloons (or get some FM one's printed on eBay) and to tie onto their fence or gate on the day of the party so that the guests can spot the house easily, particularly useful if it is dark or the houses in the street have numbers rather than names.

You also need to sort out where your display is going to be, a good spot is normally in front of the television as most homes have the seating focused towards the telly! Make sure there is a suitable table for your display, if not an ironing board set at a low level can work well.

Go through with your host who they are going to invite to the party, and suggest more people for them if they have less than twenty on the list (neighbours, family, work colleagues, parents at school etc). 
Explain that they need to invite twice as many people as they expect to come along as experience shows that only half will actually turn up. They should also ask everyone to bring a guest and let everyone know in advance how you take payment (e.g. cash and credit/debit card/PayPal) so that they know to bring the appropriate payment method with them.

Advise your host that they only need to provide very simple refreshments, i.e. tea, coffee, biscuits for the guests, possibly wine as well. NO FOOD ... they will eat more than listen and get perfume on their fingers/food.

Give them this list along with their host pack <<HOSTESS COACHING>>

If time permits, using the catalogue and samples, help your host to choose their favourite FM fragrance and give them a free sample to wear prior to the party. If the host is already a customer then they can simply wear one of the FM fragrances they already have. By just wearing one of our fragrances they may well gain extra guests who ask them what fragrance they are wearing. It will also help to give them more confidence in the high quality of our fragrances.

Rewarding Your Host 
Let your host know what you are going to give them as a reward for the sales/bookings generated from the party. Whatever you decide to reward your host is up to you. The usual would be 10 -15% in free products (which only really uses about 7% of your commission) and maybe an extra reward for two people booking from the party, you may want to give her an additional free bottle of one of our Classic fragrances for this (pre-order sale perfumes and end of line for giveaways!) One word of caution on giving a reward for two bookings is to only give the reward once the second party has actually taken place.

This is my own host offer: 
I will give you a discount of 15% off your own personal order. I will also give you a FREE bottle of Pure Collection Fragrance (worth £13.50) for sales over £100 and an ADDITIONAL Luxury fragrance (worth £16.50) if sales are over £200. You also receive 15% vouchers for further party bookings from your guests to use on the night of their party!!

Tell your host to ask those who are unable to come if they would like to place an order anyway, as any sales that they can generate for you before the party will count towards the party total. Equally, your host should be asking everyone if they would like to have a party themselves, she will get additional rewards for this!!

Leave some catalogues (and a spare sample kit if you have one spare), price lists and customer order forms with your hostess for them to show those who can not come.

Mention to your host that you are looking for more people who would like to earn some extra money by becoming an FM Consultant and do they know anyone who might be interested. This third party question gives them the chance as well to say "Yes, me!".

Three days before the party you should give the host a call to check everything is ok and see how many people they have coming, this gives time for you to again suggest more people to invite if not many are coming. Ask the host as well to make sure those who have said yes know not to wear perfume to the party, this also acts as a way of the host reminding the people about the party.

By working with your host, and doing the proper host coaching, you will increase both your party sales and future bookings, They should be doing 80% of the work for you!

Step 1: Preparing for the perfume party 
The items you will need to take with you: 
A display cloth (look professional) 
Your diary (to book more parties) 
Calculator (not solar - lighting may too low) 
Plenty of pens & paper 
Your starter kit 
Some full-size product - if you have them (ensure that the are more than half full) USE 10 DAY OFFERS
Hand testing sheets - where sample placed 
Customer price lists 
Customer order forms 
Catalogues - with your contact details 
Opportunity leaflets. - with your contact details 
Application forms 

All documents can be downloaded here: TEAM DROPBOX FILES

Once you arrive set yourself up a display. Hand every guest a catalogue, pen, Customer Price List, Customer Order Form, large post-it note to use a wish list or for notes, and a dry tea bag or small container of coffee beans. Yes, you did read that right, I will explain why in a minute but it does normally amuse the guests as to why they have been given a dry tea bag or coffee beans.(Aurile coffee beans as well)

It is also worthwhile laminating at least a dozen of the Customer Price Lists and giving each guest one with a large post-it note stuck on it.

Now to follow the 10 steps to the perfect party 10 Steps to perfect party HERE


Start with a game - LEFT/RIGHT GAME is a good ice-breaker

The next part is the presentation 
Don't worry if you do not feel comfortable standing up in front of everyone and speaking. You can adapt the presentation.

If you are holding a workshop- remember to search YouTube for simple makeup application and facial massages you can adapt with for using our products - get guests to copy and watch the results. 
Do you know a young college student studying makeup? (pop an advert up in a local college) They would love the experience for their portfolio and could come with you to workshops/events - stand out from the other local FM reps!!

REMEMBER "Show Sniff & Sell" so you really don't have to say much. 
Here is an idea of how to present the FM products: 
Begin the party by thanking everyone for coming and the hostess for arranging the party & explain the 15% discount she will get and what free gifts she will get if sales are over £100 & then £200 etc. Introduce yourself, just something simple like "My name is Sharon, I been working with FM World for a few months working it around my family & part-time job. I have found it a great, fun and easy way to earn extra money".

Explain that at the party they will learn a little about FM Group, our products and of course have a chance to try our wide range of fragrances for themselves. Tell them they can make any notes about our fragrances/products they like, the ones they try and where they try them etc on the post-it note.

Tell them the FM history and how long in production - DROM & in over 50 countries with now over 750,000 FM distributors earning money running their own FM perfume business.

Continue by explaining that most people today tend to purchase Eau de Toilette fragrances, which usually contain between 4% to 6% perfume oil which is why they often do not last very long. Our fragrances are much stronger, with 20-30% perfume oil and 16-24% in our Gentlemen's Eau de Parfum, which means they last longer, men's are weaker due to their hormones - the splash on aftershave is 7% strength for skin safety after they have shaven.

However, whilst our fragrances are extremely high quality, we are able to sell them at amazingly low prices, just £13.50 a bottle of one of our Pure Collection fragrances. This is because of how they are produced and sold exclusively via independent business partners. Meaning that we avoid the costs of expensive advertising, shop overheads, extra VAT costs, copywriting (we use numbers, not names) and much more.

You will now give everyone the chance to try our fragrances for themselves, ask them to look at the catalogue and select the four fragrances they would most like to try. If people are not sure direct them towards the ones that we sell the complimentary items for (i.e. shower gels, deodorants).

Tell them not to rub the fragrances at all when they are trying them, a lot of people when they are trying fragrances rub their wrists together which in fact will damage the fragrance.

You should also explain that they should not sniff the fragrance immediately but let it settle for a few minutes. You could even say everyone who does it correctly can have a sweet or something. 
Ask who has selected their four fragrances they want to try and start with one of these people, as they try the fragrances ask if anyone else in the room has also selected that fragrance and give them the sample to try as well, this speeds up the process, by the time you get to the last few guests they have probably only got a one or two of their selected four fragrances still to try.

Once everyone has got four fragrances on, and whilst they are letting them settle you can mention that we have fragrances for everyone, men, women and even children and that FM fragrances make great gifts for birthdays, Xmas, mother's day, valentines or whatever events happen to be coming up.

You can also add a few hints about perfume, for example, that they will last longest kept in a cool, dark place, inside the box and away from direct sunlight. That the best way to get the right amount of fragrance is to spray a couple of times just in front of you and then walk forwards, this also avoids spraying directly onto clothes. You could mention the best areas of the body to spray, wrists, behind ears, neck etc.

Once everyone has let their fragrances settle for a couple of minutes it is time for them to smell them, and this is where the tea bags or coffee beans come into play. Explain that whenever people smell more than a few fragrances the scents all begin to get mixed up and smell the same, by smelling the tea bag or coffee in between each fragrance will help to take away the fragrance they have just sniffed and allowed them to try the next one more clearly.

It is also worth pointing out that fragrances do smell different on different people so whether you like a fragrance on someone else or not it is best to try it for yourself before you decide.

Get them to give each of the four fragrances a mark out of five on their Where Sample Placed slip, this will help you see if there is one fragrance or a couple of fragrances they like best.

LAYERING TIP (its not about selling extras!)
Now they selected their favourites you can talk about the advantages of layering. Explain that if someone is using a melon shower gel, coconut shampoo, marine deodorant and a floral fragrance, for example, the combined smell may be somewhat strange as all the scents are competing with each other. It is much better, where possible, to use shower gels and deodorants that match and enhance the perfume or aftershave they wear.

You can then introduce our range of complementary products & then makeup, Aurile coffee (offera taste from pre-made flask & plastic shop glasses from asda) and so a home care demo

How about a raffle or tombola or Bitch Bingo

Close the presentation by thanking everyone for coming and explain that anyone who wants to try any of the fragrances they have not yet tried can now do so and that you will be coming around to everyone to help them with selecting the products they may like and completing their order forms. If anyone has to leave early tell them to let you know so you can go to assist them first.

Inform the guests that they can pay you by cash or credit card (using PayPal app on your phone) or izettle gadget. Whether you accept cheques is entirely up to you, as the cheques would be made payable to yourself. Give the delivery date, I normally say a week as this gives you time to put the order in and add on the orders of anyone who could not attend but the host may be able to speak to afterwards and therefore increase the party total. As we know delivery from head office is incredibly fast to us.

Thank the host again for organising the party and explain that the host will be receiving their rewards based on the total sales and bookings made. And state what rewards those booking will receive. One good trick is to have a cheap, but nice looking bottle of wine on the display with some ribbon nicely tied on it and offer that to the first person there who books a party. You do run the risk of someone booking just to get the wine then cancelling but once someone has booked other guests are more likely to as well.

Mention that as you go around if anyone would like to book a party or is interested in finding out about becoming a distributor to have a word with you and/or say YES to the questions on the Customer Order Form. Make sure you ask every guest individually as you go round if they would like to have a perfume party themselves. 
Collect the orders and the payments, plus arrange any bookings and tell the host the total, mentioning that there is still a day or so to increase it from people who could not attend if the host wishes to speak to them.

You do sometimes get new team members wanting to join the business at the party but usually, anyone who is interested in the business will give you their number so that you can then give them a call the following day to arrange a time to chat to them about the business. Remember to speak to the host about them becoming a distributor themselves when you delivery the order.

All of this page is just to give you some help and ideas, be yourself at your party and do the presentation in your own words. The more natural you are, and the more you enjoy yourself, the more sales and bookings you will generate.

That's it for this week. Remember you can sign up people to go and do perfume parties for you. Some people are just happy doing the perfume parties. The book 2 or 3 parties a week and can earn some very much needed extra cash, for just a few hours work. They get the cash - you get the points!!


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