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The key to growing your home based business is managing your time - spending time on retail AND team building (if that's the road you want to go down).

I set aside time to work in each area and plan my day the night before. Working from home full time means I STILL have to plan my day to cover my social media training, maximise sales and my own team's needs and their training sessions and needs, so I need to plan to be effective and to not lose the plot completely!

You have to touch your business daily. Allow 1 hour a day for maximising the social media side of your business when starting out. Plan on what you are going to post on your Facebook page and maybe Instagram, what text will you use, start to build up your own product images and not corporate ones that 50+ other people are using - STAND OUT. Leave business cards and flyers with people and business 'you pass in a day' saying 'text ########' for a catalogue.

It's amazing how a little and often can make a big difference!

MUST READ PLUG: The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy HERE

Put Everything in Your Planner (your free planner is below)
Whether you use a paper calendar, your Go Pro planner or an online version (like Trello), or even on your phone/iPad, start the habit of scheduling daily, weekly, monthly, and even quarterly tasks.

Let's start with a daily plan…

Your daily Planner may include items such as client meetings, responding to emails or phone calls, research, filing, project work and even breaks. At the beginning of each day (or the night before), prioritize all of the things you absolutely have to get done that day including your personal appointments. Estimate the time needed to complete each item and block out portions of your day accordingly.

Dentist appointments, children's sports activities, social events, etc. should be added to your planner first so you can work the balance of your day around those items.

Now let's look at your weekly plan. Weekly items may include reports to clients, networking opportunities, updating your blog, invoicing, and filing (yes, filing again because we all know this gets pushed to the backburner most times). Using your daily schedule, see where these items can be fit in most appropriately. When is the time of day you flag? Use this as your filing time (I always burn out from 2-3pm – so I use this time to do email replies and filing)

Monthly tasks are next. Perhaps you complete billing once a month, your monthly accounts or attend monthly networking events. Put these on your planner along with the joyous filing and purging old documents. Other monthly responsibilities may include Facebook marketing special offers and monthly business development (incentives, tasks, team totals etc.) business referrals and testimonials.

These may include creating and distributing a newsletter, updating your business plan, or developing/reviewing your budget and personal goal sheet. Once you have entered into your calendar all of the MUST DO item, you will have a clear picture of available blocks of time. If you find yourself running out of time before you run out of tasks, take a look at the list again and determine if there are any items that can be moved to a different day/week/month or delegated to someone else in the family to help and gain some experience of helping mum/dad at work.

Once you create a plan, YOU MUST maintain it. Keep your planner open and visible or even in a separate window on your computer. Set a timer if necessary to keep yourself on track. When the timer goes off for an allotted task, move on to the next item. Follow this plan and your 'Completed' list will grow by leaps and bounds and you will be much less stressed. The key to time management is balancing the tasks you need to complete with how much time you have available to complete them. Nobody has extra hours in the day. But if you learn how to budget your time wisely, you can regain control of your life.


Set a Schedule (with working hours)
If anyone neglects this one, it’s me. as many of you know I am on social media quite a lot so have to make myself work to a system and schedule to be most productive. My brain used to always have a running to-do list at all times and always would start something else. So why is it so difficult to stick to a schedule? Personally, I am afraid I will forget something important and I would end up multi-tasking and make myself dizzy, so I had to get organised, and when your business grows to a large size like mine, you need to be organised! My best bit of advice is to make that start now. Setting tasks throughout the day helps you keep on task, focused and moving forward. Start your week with a plan that you create on Sunday, including scheduling the week ahead’s social media posts so you can start Monday fresh and ready for action and stick to your working hours! My phone is never switched on past 5 pm, however, I am contactable online (when I check-in) Make sure YOU run your business and not your business running you.

Schedule Days Off & Time Out
While you’re creating your week ahead plan, create at least one day where you take the day off COMPLETELY! It doesn’t always have to be the same day every week, but you need to take at least one day off per week to schedule time to catch up with family and friends or go get your hair done or have a day catching up with reading, going to the gym, just time for YOU. Work never needs to be a priority over those we care about. Relationships need time and energy, too. (you can always catch up later that day with messages and remember you should already be scheduling posts into your business pages, groups, and your team groups!)

Schedule your Social Media
I say this all the time and If you didn’t know already I am a huge fan of CinchShare for scheduling onto social media, especially onto my personal profile and into my training groups, it’s also a great platform for writing longer posts to ‘push’ onto Instagram in real time (it save’s my fingertips and squinting on my mobile lots of frustrations and typos)
I schedule 90% of my business page posts directly in Facebook because that’s how Facebook like things, so you have to play by their rules to help your engagement and why else give us that schedule button!
*Get your free 37 day trial HERE and enter the word CINCHFREE (or CinchFree) at checkout for the freebie trial (£8 monthly thereafter, if you choose to carry on)

Stop following everyone
I find this a huge distraction to many people and I’ve seen it grow over the past couple of years, all these ‘coaching gurus’ and here lies the problem – MINDSET!
We need to be coaching our teams to not get distracted and focusing on other people in your company where they then feel they need to find the magic key to success. Everyone’s journey is different and we find success though ACTION & DOING, not from following 20+ different people in 20+ different industries and in 20+ different groups.

Follow just 3/4 people:
1) FOLLOW your upline leader who is succeeding and walking the walk
2) FOLLOW another person in YOUR company who is maybe in another team but is still succeeding then add your own twist on things and learn your skills
3) Then FOLLOW someone else in a totally different company but one who is also succeeding then mix it all together through PRACTICE & ACTION

SIDENOTE: Asking dozens of people how they do things will only confuse you, dilute your ‘doing time’ (see the next topic – faffing) FOCUS & ACTION can only bring results. We all have to learn our craft and the skills that will take us to the top.

Stop faffing
I find the biggest waste of someone’s day is simply faffing, faffing about on Facebook & YouTube and being distracted. The more you faff, the less you earn!
Income producing activities should be done as the main part of your routine and faffing can be done later (creating graphics also comes under faffing). How many people in your team or downline simply faff?  Are you a faffer? ask yourself this question ‘Is it a business or is it a hobby?’ and let your sponsor know you are happy to simply do your thing and are not expecting higher levels or bigger income goals.

TIP: I batch and create graphics on an evening when I put my feet up and relax, this is the time I can store up images the week ahead, maybe Sunday is the day for you or mid-week, but SELECT the graphics day and stick to it and batch them, ready for scheduling out throughout the week where you will be focusing on income producing activities like booking parties, promoting a special offer for the week, finding new team members, giving 1:1 coaching to your leaders and team members.


Use this daily planner to help you get started into planning your day, week & month for working your business around your daily life << PLANNER >>

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