Now here is a simple way to retail and at the same time find a potential prospect. Get someone else to do the work for you! GENIUS!!

If you have an office, factory or hospital nearby (or a friend who works on one) create some sample organza bags up with 5/10 samples inside, add a brochure and price list. Leave it with your friend or the receptionist ask her/him to show it to their work colleagues. You can even offer her/him an incentive to do that, maybe 20% cash or cash off their own order from sales received or offer a FREE product of their choice for 5-9 orders and a FREE higher value product for 10+ orders. Try not to be too tight, think of the bigger picture, more personal points and more future repeat custom and potential team members.

Facebook Personal status (or go live which is even better!)

This was my own example to show you how I found lots of my own fragrance angels who then ended up joining my own team.

Can you get me an order for 5 bottles of perfume/aftershave from your friends, playgroup or at work?
If you can - GET ONE OF YOUR OWN CHOICE from our 50ml Pure Collection (his or hers) range worth £13.50 FREE. Inbox me for further information & let the challenge begin!