Many of the tips I share here can be read, in more detail in our team's Stage 1 training book HERE, so please make sure you grab it for more golden nuggets!


Many people are put off when they think they have to sell. 
They think they are going to have to persuade, arm-twist or even have the gift of the gab to make this happen. FM perfume will sell itself, so don’t worry – just let the samples do the work and Keep it simple.

"SHOW, SNIFF & SELL" it is that easy.

SHOW: You can start by saying "what's your favourite perfume?"

Remember FM products are not fakes, replicas or copies. You cannot say they are! This is just a starting/reference point to make recommendations from the FM range. (In the same way, you may do if you are recommending a new dish. You may ask what tastes they like hot & spicy etc.) 
FM works the same way – we find fragrances based on popular and fashionable fragrance groups and oil ingredients.

SNIFFf: Once your customer has identified their fragrance, now let them have a sniff. Each of the samples has a unique number – you can easily locate this number within your sample kit. Let them have a sniff. Keep a note of the other numbers they try.

TOP TIP: Many people will apply the fragrance to their skin, and then rub it. This is the wrong thing to do. This is because rubbing the fragrance breaks up the perfume oils and composition. Encourage them just to leave it for a few moments then sniff, let the top note (that strong 2-minute smell, burn off)

TOP TIP: Another tip is to have a tea bag or coffee beans at hand. In between smelling 3/4 samples, let your customer sniff the tea bag or coffee beans, this helps clear the previous smell and rebalances the senses, and starts a fresh nose to carry on sampling more fragrances. 
The initial sniff on its own is usually enough to make the sale! As I said earlier the FM perfumes really do sell themselves.

SELL: There shouldn't be too much to do at this point. Just answer a few questions – mention any offers you are running and then collect the cash.

Avoid using words like "CHEAP" cheap would imply that FM products are substandard, poor quality or even second-rate. Please get into the habit of using the words in-expensive or affordable. 
Cheap is certainly not the case and just using this word creates the idea they are cheap and copies and then you open yourself up to customer complaints as they never got the item they wanted!

PLEASE REMEMBER – the oil manufacture DROM is the only thing in common with brands and the fragrance families we use – nothing else! 
You may be asked about the price and why they are so low. They will want to be sure that it is not a quality issue. We are all told "if it seems too good to be true then it probably isn't true" This is one instance where it really is true.

So Why such good value?

It is often the case that only 5% of the actual perfume cost is actually spent on the content. As much as 95% is spent on:

• The bottle 
• Celebrity endorsements 
• Advertisements 
• Distributor warehouses 
• x4 times VAT charges from moving the product from supplier to manufacturer and then to the packaging plant and then the shops 
• Shop mark-up costs 
• In-store promotion (just think how much must one of those counters cost to staff and make all fancy)

Remember ONLY the FM oils are manufactured and created by Drom (check out their website They are one of the largest and most respected perfumery companies in the world. They have plants in Paris, Munich, New York and Sydney. FM purchase from Munich in Germany.

You may not instantly recognize the name Drom but they have over 100 years in this oil industry. Drom creates fragrances for many other well-known designers like Escada, DKNY, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana and many more – you are guaranteed quality with FM fragrances, that’s for sure!. 
You don't have to memorize the above, just have an understanding.


"My sister/friend has just loaned me this perfume kit to have a look at. I would love your opinion, what do you think?" (I used this line once while having my haircut/beauty treatment; it resulted in sales of over £100!)

Ask someone this... 
 "That's a nice fragrance you are wearing, what is it?" 
Then follow up with would they like a sample or to save money 

Would you like to get the same designer quality perfume but saving you up to 75% off what you would usually pay?

Note this can work the other way around as well. You SHOULD be wearing a sample of the FM range daily and every time you leave the house and entering a shop, have a fresh spray! 

"I have just started a new business, I am helping to save people money when they buy perfume" would you like to try a sample and give me your opinion?

Or just simply ask; would you like to order perfume and mineral makeup at wholesale prices yourself?

Now let’s look at some areas you can get some sales in:

If you can’t get sales from these tips, then it’s going to be a long slog for you! 
• Door to door / Parties / Leaflet Drops / Workplace / Facebook / Jobs board / Word of mouth 
• Schools / Nursery / Toddler groups 
• Events e.g. tabletop, fetes, fairs etc. 
• Exercise classes 
• Online raffles (closed VIP groups), family, friends 
• Approaching hairdressers, beauty shops, tanning salons, nail tech’s & mobile therapists 
• Posting on group pages you're a part of twins groups – mums groups – selling boards 
• Special offers & free gifts for commenting on a post on your Facebook page 
• Post on buying and selling sites, and drop catalogues at your local vets and luxury bed & breakfasts/restaurants (liquid soaps and silver & glass cleaner) 
• 'Shop Drop' catalogues/sample packs to Doctors, Dentist, Chemist, Hairdressers, Opticians 
• Take samples and catalogues to a café (meet up with a friend) get it all outlook through the catalogues and pretend to be reading them and preparing for a meeting, smell the samples, and wait because eventually someone will ask you what you are doing, and may want to smell for themselves 
• Open house/Launch Day


Firstly (if you are on Facebook) create an FM business page to promote your business and you as a seller, party planner, team builder as your new members will also be copying what you do!

Now consider the length of your Facebook name – are you going to be putting this on business cards? Will it fit?

Also, consider creating your own groups that interest you, start a fan group - I have created a ‘Wedding in Cumbria’ group and now has nearly 2000 members – so I can add target posts in there and don’t have to worry about admin or other reps advertising for team members. None are allowed in!

I also have a Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram account, but NEVER use these as pushy sales channels and spam people – I use my own pictures and share my daily life – I entwine it all together and add sneaky FM products in the background.

Make your name professional - and remember if you call yourself something to perfumery or area related – you restrict your sales and team building as people will think ‘who are you advertising in our area when don’t live here’ Also remember it’s not just perfume you will be promoting - we also sell coffee, makeup, weight management, health supplements and home care products!


Google up ATTRACTION MARKETING - This is what it's all about, creating the FOMO (fear of missing out) post about your lifestyle, how amazing your FM business treats you every month, how you can work your business around your other commitments. 

Share tips, photos and do team shout-outs, tag your upline and team members - this is what will get someone 'who will be watching you' to pluck up the courage and ask to join your team or buy a product!

I also like to ask if any of my friends want to earn some extra money in their spare time or take the guides to work and a mini kit or some samples, then for every 5 bottles they get orders for I will give them a pure fragrance, free. Lots of friends love this option.


I use these for selling, finding online and normal party hostesses but mainly for sponsoring. 

Please check the group rules on what days they allow businesses to post (if at all) and only post ONCE A DAY & CHECK and use the magnifying glass, group search box and simply enter FM… just in case another team member has just posted – if you post on top of them, you look unprofessional and come across as ‘desperate’ and spammy! Please try and add the word FM into your status for this reason and don’t just post photos!

Here are a few Facebook status ideas you can use at your leisure - please edit them if you wish. If you need other ideas - please ask your sponsor.

FM offers the largest selection from any of the Fragrance Houses, with over 160 exclusive fragrances in our range. We market our perfumes by numbers, and mostly standardised packaging meaning lower costs and also we can respond to market/fashion trends very quickly. A smell you'll recognise at a price you won't! Please comment or message me with your favourite fragrance to see what a bargain I can offer you!!

Do you love Perfume? What is more important to you - the scent or the branding? If you could have the fragrances you love at more affordable prices, would you be interested? 'Inbox me' for further information in helping you find your favourite FM fragrance!!

How much do you pay for your perfume/aftershaves? £30, £50, £70? FM have over 150 fragrances from £7.49 - £24.99. The actual essence is created in the same factory as many leading designer brands on the highstreet ( and we are invited, along with those, to choose some new fragrances - we save you ££s by cutting out the middleman, packaging & advertising! Inbox/comment on this post your favourite perfume and I'll tell you our price and save you £££'s for something in the same group.


To get a replica site you must have already purchased a starter kit & upgraded to full business partner by emailing head office the kit code to enable you to get your own replica website, as this also has a pre-populated sponsoring form attached for people to join your business! 

A replica website can be useful if you want to direct people to the business opportunity, get some extra sales or to show them the online books and to show them how professional the business is – you can also direct potential team members her also.

Keep the web address simple for business cards (don’t make the address too long) Your name will be shown on the main replica website, but you can add a domain from go daddy or 123 reg and direct that link back to your replica site, check mine out – I have and The shorter the better and looks more professional.

If you want to have your own customised replica website, please order one by calling the FM World UK office directly on 02084381162 or send an email to: or order one through our online shop at After you place the order for the site and pay £35, please download the Replica Site Agreement from Business Tools-Downloads (or our DROPBOX LINK and also found in the Momentum team files). You would need to sign the agreement and send it back to the office scanned by email or by post. After we have the payment and the signed agreement, the website will be generated for you. It usually takes up to 7 working days to generate your own Replica Website.  

DO NOT order one online as you get £6 postage, phone up or email to order!

Watch this video on the benefits of a replica website


TODAY'S TASKS (4 parts)

Let's dig deeper into attraction marketing USE THE DAILY TASK SHEET TO HELP YOU CREATE THESE HABITS << DAILY TASK SHEET >>

Pop over to MOMENTUM and find the photo album FOUNDATION TO SUCCESS and comment on DAY 4 and COMMENT ‘DONE’ when you have completed today’s tasks, share with us how you found them << ACCESS GROUP HERE >>

Task 1

Go find and join 10 new groups on Facebook, who do you want to attract to your business?

Professionals? Go and join 5 new MLM groups and 5 Mums in business groups

Mums? Go join 5 new mum groups and 5 advise groups

Then once accepted, post a 'thanks for the add' or an introduction post then start to offer tips and advice and start to build relationships (see attached ideas)

WORK OUT WHERE THEY HANG OUT ON FACEBOOK THEN JOIN - remember to use your Finding Your Ideal Customer - Workbook 

Task 2

Now go into each group and find a friendship post or a 'share your page' post and comment on them SLOWLY & MANUALLY.  

Do NOT copy & paste as Facebook know and will pop you into Facebook Jail.

Add 10+ new friends/connections from that post you commented on and people who asked to be added as a friend/connection, add them to your personal friend's list and then PRIVATE MESSAGE THEM OR LEAVE A VOICE MESSAGE to start the relationship.

IMPORTANT: When you have a new friend private message each one with this text (copy/paste and edit their name, make it personal)

Hi Sharon thanks for connecting with me, I look forward to getting to know you more, I hope you have a fantastic weekend/day/night/week.

Or why not send a voice message, and get even more personal!

DO NOT ask them if they would join your group
DO NOT ask them to like your page
DO NOT ask them if they would be interested in adding [YOUR COMPANY] to their current business
DO NOT add them to anything!!

These new connections can see what you do (if you are actively promoting your business on your profile and have it set as your current place of work, like you should be) they are now watching you, watching your business success, your team success, how amazing a person you are in life and sharing value on your profile with everyone and sharing valuable posts from your business page.

Task 3

Do you know how to add people to lists? Please pop over here and watch, then move all your new connections into a newly created 'direct sales or a Networking list' Watch this video for more information.

I get friendships requests daily and can guarantee that nearly every one of them 'pitch me' straight away  which tells me they are not looking to build up a professional relationship, if they were they would have seen how successful I am on my personal profile and have already taken time to know something about me from my 'about me' section before messaging me!  So there just now being spammy and unprofessional and not how you should be building your personal brand or friendships.

Task 4

Now repeat all the above 3/4 times a week and build up your personal friends by 10 a day!

So here is what you will do when you get a comment on your post and you have started a conversion with someone. It's time to interview them, could you work with them? could they work with you?

Step 1: Ask why they are interested in finding out more (listen carefully as this will allow you to find out their why)
Step 2: Share your why story (briefly, remember it's about THEM, not you)
Step 3: Share your Tool (replica website, email, video, webinar)
Step 4: Follow-up within 24 hours.

Video Wrap Up

I hope you enjoyed today's lesson, remember if you have any questions please feel free to ask them over in our Facebook group.

Sheeeesh that was a biggie!!! But I hope you found value in the training - please come over to the team page and let me know what you thought!!

See you at the top!