Focus, mindset and daily actions online and offline is key!

Mindset should start your everyday process, if you're in the wrong space, you will make your journey hard and may never even take off, please watch this and remember to focus and go for greatness!


As we covered yesterday at the beginning of your journey, you will probably want to share everything about your company, you will want to share every product they have and will want to solve every person's problem's and make like easier. But you need to focus and find that ONE person who really wants the ONE PRODUCT to increase your results of success. Don't put people off right from the start! Time to figure out who is your ideal customer, it is probably someone like you!

Answer the profile on the attached Finding Your Ideal Customer - Workbook, it will help build up a picture of who and where you should be focusing your promotional posts towards.

As you learn more about the products and the company you are with, you will start to get even more excited about working from home. You will soon learn everything your company has to offer (excitement means your in the right company!) excitement is contagious and you need to be sharing this everywhere and with everyone, this will result in engagement and people wanting to learn more about YOU and YOUR PRODUCTS.

Excitement sells, why work harder?


Time to study: Your product knowledge is what will increase your sales, and that is also why I am going to share with you my own knowledge about network marketing with you all. Focus on one product range, learn about it, study it, learn the benefits and the problems it will solve FIRST before you start promoting it. You will need to become the go-to person, the consultant who knows her business and products, you are going to be super trusted because you know the benefits of these products that are going to solve that customers problem.


You may be new to Network Marketing and Direct Sales and also new to your company. You may never have even tried the companies products before but love the thought of the products and you know that you could sell them easily to friends, you love everything your company stands for, if you don't, look for a company that excites you!

Now GET READY - there will be a learning curve coming that you will need to embark upon, we all have to. You don't become a doctor, dentist, mechanic or hairdresser without studying & ordering the tight tools and Network Marketing is no different.

You will need products, marketing materials, business cards and a business sample kit to get the best start and making your business a success. Can't afford it? Get selling things at home that are just gathering dust, find the cash to invest in your own future or why not join the business with a friend and share the costs until you earn enough money to go your separate ways.

Good news - I have created a number of learning resources to help you and don't worry, don't feel overwhelmed, it may even seem a long climb at first but I am here to help and guide you should you need it as is your coach.


Please spend 5 minutes to listen to this and consider how it will impact your business, your thoughts about WHY YOU DO WHAT YOU DO?

What you will do from today for your future (growing your self-development, doing a video sharing a product, starting a business blog, starting a newsletter for your customers, asking on Facebook if any friends want a party or to join your team?)

Stop procrastinating and saying you will do something, make shit happen or you will still be saying the same thing this time next year again!! What do you want for your family, for yourself? Make it happen and make the change!


Today’s Task & Video Wrap up

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Tell us what you will do this week to help promote and get the word out about your business, 60 minutes a day is all it takes (break it down to x4 15 minute blocks) but you have to do something to grow your business and your knowledge - tell us…

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