Are you ready to sponsor?

Deciding to become a sponsor is a big step and the rewards can be amazing, including holidays to places you may never imagine visiting to cars and huge cash bonuses and incentives for reaching those higher levels to time freedom and the ability to help change and form someones future!

Let me share a few tips and pointers to help you on your way to reaching the top.

What is it that you would like to achieve as a sponsor?

Do you want to become a 12-15% team leader who is aiming for 21% Golden Magnolia level to then progress to Orchid Club?

Joining FM is something like a gym membership: results vary with the time, energy and dedication you put into it. Anyone considering being an active Business Partner needs to understand the realities of direct selling and network marketing, it is hard work as you need to be focused and committed every day to your team and your business. There is no stopping!

There is no shortcut to riches, no guarantee of success. However, for those who devote the time and energy to develop a stable base of customers and then mentor and train others to do the same, the opportunity for personal growth and an attractive part- or full-time income exists. Moreover, unlike other businesses, there are minimal start-up costs in starting your FM business. There is no need for a Business Partner to spend significant amounts of money on sales aids or other materials, minimal investment is required. It is just not needed. Using referrals and word of mouth will gain you 80% of your business!

How to build a team

The first and most IMPORTANT thing to think about when sponsoring is actually the people you are going to add into your team. You as a sponsor have a responsibility and duty to that Business Partner & Preferred Customer. You are there to support them with answering ALL their initial questions and help guide them to being a success in FM through your advice & guidance. You are offering people an opportunity so be excited about the whole journey for the new member.

Are you ready for the ride?

Mindest: Remember your own why – and never pre-judge!

Where Do I start?

First of all you need to have a ‘reflink’ created this is the first step in sponsoring and securing any prospect direct to your team.
You can create one HERE (via the main FM website under reflinks) or speak to your own sponsor who can make you one.

Save this in your browser once made and you can sign people up quickly and accurately.

Welcome email - this again is a super big part of your success is DUPLICATION we all use these to help our new members get the best start, if you haven’t saved your own email, please contact your sponsor or upline to be sent another. Save this in your ‘draft email folder’ so you can easily ‘edit & forward’ on to your new team members.

Study the marketing plan - this is now the time to understand how to reach levels and what do all the points mean, they are not just about prizes! 

It’s about the law of averages

Remember the 1:10 ratio. You need to speak to 10 people about the opportunity to find 1 person who wants to join. You need to send 10 information packs out to 10 people before 1 replies and seeks more information! Honestly, it really does work like this!

Building Relationships

Building rapport with your customers and party customers/hostesses will open up many relationships for you and a list of contacts that will see you offer the opportunity, they will come to you first as a ‘friend’. 

Every moment is a marketing opportunity – Funnels

 Imagine the funnel – your filling your funnel daily with leads, being steady and consistent with parties, advertising, leaflet drops, speaking to people – generating leads.

The compound effect – every daily action will result in long term result ‘the drips from the funnel’ will fall through and join your team

Build up local reputation

Be the face of FM in your local area.

Google your local area and see how many corner shops, mother and toddler groups, sure start groups, community halls, post offices etc.. there are that you can go and pop a prospecting card or poster into their shop window or on their notice boards. Knock on doors and leaflet drop, do whatever it takes to be seen. 

Now it’s time to panic – someone has said yes they want more info!

KIS – Just ‘Keep It Simple’

QUESTION & UNDERSTAND your new member what are THEIR needs and what do THEY want from joining FM. Help them achieve THEIR goals

Ask them WHY they agreed to speak to you or why they joined the team

Do they want £50 a week – talk about sales

Do they want £200 a month – Sales or parties (we have sales targets if they are up for the challenge, but no weekly calls or party requirements)

£500+ a month team, It’s time to talk about team building 

(CRUCIAL) FOLLOWING UP - CLOSING THE SIGNUP  (testing the water – where are they in making the decision)
So how does that sound to you?

 (Are they excited and ready to sign and order their kit or more query/questions - objections)  STAY IN CONTROL of the conversation!

It’s a YES

Now explain the signup process and they will be added to the main training and team support page they will receive a welcome pack in the post from you and an email. You also need to schedule a 1:1 call with them in the next couple of days to help them get started (if they don’t agree, chances are they won’t be serious about the business' so move on!).

What now?

Now you will need to work with them to help them achieve their goals as doing this also helps you achieve yours. Remember to tell all new members to aim for the Pointsmania incentive (400 point minimum) and the 10-day welcome offers, not only will it give them and you bonus, but it entitles them to hit the ‘incentives’ and starts them on the path to achieving their own goals.

Once you have recruited in the UK and built your front line to 50 (you will be around 12-15% now) and have identified who your top sellers and recruiters are, then maybe start thinking about sponsoring Internationally – PLEASE speak to your sponsor, as this is another learning curve and every office is different. There are many ‘info packs’ within our team for various countries that you can send to potential members (please ask for one), but check with your sponsor first – it is VERY different to UK sponsoring.

Well that’s it for now, I’m sure you have lots of idea’s on how you could possibly build an empire - I have just gave you the start.


Well that’s it, the 10-day training is over and I truly hope you have enjoyed every day and have learned some new techniques and got some new idea’s on where to take your business now.

I would really appreciate it if you could now pop over to MOMENTUM and find the photo album FOUNDATION TO SUCCESS and comment on DAY 10 and COMMENT how you feel on DAY 10 - from DAY 1 of the training. What has been your biggest a-ha moment, will you try sponsoring or having a party? Will you use attraction based marketing and use social media a little different?



See you at the top!