Welcome to the 'Foundations to Success' training and the start of your business and success with FM World. 

You will now get one training every day over the next 10-days that will really help you get your business growing with tips & advice and to help answer any initial questions you may have.

Please now take some time to reach the FM World <<marketing plan>> and learn all about creating a business structure and what it takes to reach the top levels within the company where the cash rewards are huge and very achievable from when you start to join others into your business.

FM really is a simple business to operate. Over the next couple of weeks, I will share with you some simple tips to build your FM business just like I did which helped me get to the top levels and continues to help our team do the same today.

The biggest and most common mistake a lot of people make when they first start their business is to over complicate it, they think it's harder than it actually is, they try to do too much too soon and forget to actually take a step back, get familiar with the brochure and products and breathe!

Starting a new business can be very overwhelming, trust me I was the same when I started FM 8 years ago as I had never done anything like working from home before, but I just studied the brochure and shared the samples then started to build a team.

Checkout my article on the things to do in your first 30-days of starting your FM business >>

As you learn more about the business, you will get even more excited about what FM has to offer and that can be the biggest problem with not getting sales! You will want to share everything we have in one go but not fully understand the benefits of the products, your knowledge is what will increase your sales, and that is also why I am going to share with you my own knowledge about FM World. Focus on one product range, learn about it, study it, watch my YouTube training on the range and then move onto the next product range.


You may be new to MLM (multi-level marketing) or new to FM World having never tried our products before.

There will be a learning curve that you will need to embark upon. You don't become a doctor, dentist, mechanic or hairdresser without studying & ordering your tools and FM World is no different.

Good news - with FM you can learn the background as you go. But will need to order your tools - a sample kit and we have 3 to choose from which range from £13.50 for 20 samples or £64.99 for 150 samples with flyers. The £55 kit has 150 samples but has no flyers, but does come with training books and a brochure as in the mini kit.

I have created a number of learning resources to help you and all are accessible via our team support group on Facebook. Please make sure you are part of this group because this is where you will only get access to the next stage of your development and continued support.

It may seem a long climb at first but I am here to help and guide you should you need it as is your sponsor and upline, if it is not me directly. just remember to 'Keep It Simple', order your samples as soon as you can afford to do so or you may have also had already received some from your sponsor upon joining us, your own getting started challenge pack!

FM has some brilliant new member incentives 'especially' for new members and for preferred customers within their first 10 days of joining, check online on the main FM website under 'Incentives' tab on the left hand menu.

Every product you sell comes with a point’s value just like when shopping at Tesco or Boots the chemist and with FM these points also mean prizes and big discounts!

Here is an example of two of the amazing incentives FM World UK offers you and x1 for team builders wanting to hit big cash bonuses (there are other cash incentives to aim for aswell!)


Within your first 10 days of registration, you get the opportunity to purchase a selection of products at 60% discount from the current rrp brochure price. This includes 5 Pure fragrances and 5 luxury, a selection of Nutricode products saving you £32 and a selection of homecare, Aurile, body and makeup products. Make the most of these offers as its a fantastic chance to make some big profit on resale or to start building up a kit, stock or to use on a live Facebook tombola or online launch party event!


Place a minimum of 400 points and this gets you 30% discount off your next order of a Pure fragrance (pay only £6.65 each).
Hold 400 points next month and get x2 bottles with discount etc etc
Place 800 or 1200 personal points a month to increase your discounted bottles even further!



Reach the top of the first Marketing plan in a record time of 3 months, then get a £800 cash bonus or reach 21% in 5 months, then receive £400 

fast start.jpg


You now need to decide how you want to operate your FM business. The good thing it's not set in stone. You can change your mind at any time. Sales, Parties, Team building or a bit of everything, it is up to you.

RETAILER: Just sell the products for profit.

That on its own can bring in a healthy profit. The mark up is around 25 - 33% INSTANT cash profit.

Don't underestimate the power of that 33% mark up on a £23.50 bottle of perfume is £7.60 and will give you 57 points. Now multiply that by the number of bottles that you think you can sell. How much can you make?

*10 bottles sold will make you 570 points which also gets you on the first step of the marketing plan which is 3% and it will also give you commission of £50 cash profit and an additional override commission of £1.80+ cash bonus (for reaching 3% level) and x1 Pure discounted fragrance with the Pointsmania incentive the following month!!

Override commission: This pays up to 21% extra commission on your personal sales. Please see the marketing plan for full details. This is extra 'thank you cash' from FM for hitting levels - points mean prizes and extra cash!

TEAM BUILDER: That's when you start to sponsor people into your own team and earn points from all points placed within your structure. This is where the big money is and why I decided to team build, I wanted to share this with everyone so everyone can make some amazing cash working from home. Instead of just earning money from your personal sales, you earn from your team as well and an extra world bonus of the worldwide profits when you hit Orchid Club! Lots of cash incentives to be had for building a team quickly from starting your FM journey. *Please see the main FM UK website for further details or contact your sponsor

Over the next few weeks, I will be covering all of the aspects. Whatever you choose to do in FM I would highly recommend that you save these training emails.

So let's get started with this week's training... we've just had a warm up!

STEP 1: Become your own best customer

Order yourself a bottle or two of perfume.

This will give you a chance to test the ordering process. If you make a mistake, don't worry, it's only your order. It is also quite powerful having some actual bottles to show as well as the samples. Postage is around 3 working days.

*Ireland and not on mainland UK is 2 working days for postage (ROI has different postal costs, please ask your sponsor about these if you are unclear - we have a great link for big discount for you!)

To place your order you can call Head Office or shop online 
You will need your FM ID number e.g. 9014594 or 9149498 
Order by phone: FM Call Centre 0208 451 7776

Online: https://shop-uk.fmworld.com login with your ID number and password and go to Online Shop section (DO NOT USE INTERNET EXPLORER)

Email: onlineshop@fmcosmetics.co.uk and they will send you a PayPal invoice if you request this – or you need to phone to pay by debit/credit card after you have emailed the order.

Order inquiries: orders@fmcosmetics.co.uk 
Incentive inquiries: incentives@fmcosmetics.co.uk 
Product inquiries: training@fmcosmetics.co.uk 
Claims/Returns: customerservice@fmcosmetics.co.uk 
You can also collect your order from Head Office: 
490-492 Neasden Lane North 
London NW10 0DG

Orders below 318 Points - £6 postage 
Orders between 318-579 Points - £4 postage 
Orders over 580 Points - FREE postage


Join our teams secret & secure Facebook group 'Momentum' you can pick up tips and ask questions. There's always someone online to help out if your sponsor is not available or you simply want a quick question answered. ASK YOUR SPONSOR OR MESSAGE ME DIRECTLY to be added.


 Visit the FM website REGULAR and keep up to date by reading the NEWS SECTION: https://uk.fmworld.com


GO LIVE on your personal profile and tell everyone what you are doing!!

Copy & Paste the brochure link to your Facebook wall (consider making the link shorter with a catchy title using bitly.com) and/or send them via private message to all your friends and email work colleagues - create some amazing offers to help you get started and people wanting to know more. 

FM WORLD UK BROCHURE LINK: https://online.fliphtml5.com/zehio/cukv

And Finally... 
What is your why?

This is a very important question to keep reminding yourself - what was your initial reason for joining FM - was it for extra cash?, Something to do? Was it to pay for a holiday or to pay off a car loan?

Mine was to help with wedding extra's, then to help pay bills when I lost my job. My why now is to help others get the same cash bonuses and incentives I received and to go on more holidays!

ALWAYS remember your why – this will help you get through times when you will get no orders – and it WILL happen, we all have these blips, and that’s exactly what they are blips…. Just keep going and remember we have a vast product range, something suitable for everyone!

If you haven’t started telling people about FM yet or haven’t scheduled your launch party in or haven’t even ordered your kit yet – then how do you actually think you will make your goals happen and where will the money come from?

Today’s Task & Video Wrap Up

Pop over to MOMENTUM and find the photo album FOUNDATION TO SUCCESS and comment on DAY 1 'what is your why’, introduce yourself and share with us WHY you started your FM business and what you wish it to help you with.

See you over in the group << ACCESS GROUP HERE >>

See you at the top!

Sharon Howat 
Amaranth Orchid