52 Weeks Of Blog Post Ideas

So you’ve just started a blog or have always put one off because you’re unsure of what to write about. If this is you, then these 52 weeks of blog post ideas prompts should help you get started and keep you being consistent to help get your blog noticed. Happy blogging!

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  1. Latest trends in your industry, share the news with your followers.
  2. About me ’20 things you didn’t know about me’.
  3. The benefits of joining [BUSINESS NAME] talk about your Network Marketing Company and some FAQ’s.
  4. Where do you want to be in 12 month’s time?
  5. Thinking about your area of knowledge or business ‘Who was the first person to…………’ post
  6. My favourite self-development books, write a review.
  7. A day in the life – share some behind the scenes images and share your day.
  8. What’s trending? Go onto Twitter and see if any of the trending hashtags resonate with your business and write about it.
  9. How to write a simple post on ‘How to……’ within your area, when posted you have a great Facebook Live topic!
  10. Create a niche post on using ‘gifs for engagement’
  11. Solve a problem your ideal customer needs help with, write about it with solutions and tips.
  12. Why it’s absolutely ok to………………..
  13. My top resources. What do you use and what are the best websites you use in your business, share them.
  14. My Top tips on why you should…..
  15. What is your why? share with your readers what motivates and inspires you to keep going.
  16. What are you working on at the minute, share with us a behind the scenes
  17. Share a conference you’ve attended or an industry event
  18. What lessons have you learned this week, this month or this year?
  19.  Customer Interview
  20. Everyone focuses on……………………. instead of…………………….
  21. Review a website you like that’s relevant to your area of business, would you recommend it to others?
  22. Your bucket list – write about a must-see or must-do list,
  23. Talk about your current relationship status, tell us about your other half – if single, share with us your thoughts.
  24.  Create a ‘Top 10’ list of best reads, top products, best remedies, recipes for kids, foods for inch loss (whatever your nice is)
  25. My obstacles and challenges
  26. Things I’m grateful for
  27. My top tips for doing…………..
  28. How to save money on X by doing Y
  29. Create an infographic that will explain something to your readers
  30. Post a blog post with a video
  31. Create a post full of links to top blog resources and training
  32. Create the ultimate blog post on………….. (making sure it is meaty and actually is the ultimate)
  33. Create a freebie and share it
  34. One mistake people are doing when it comes to……………….
  35. Post a comparison X v Y and the benefits/negatives of each
  36. 5 Mistakes……………….. make
  37.  3 Tips to………………..
  38. Create a product based post for people to get the ‘best out of………’
  39.  Beginners guide to……………..
  40.  3 things I wish I had known when I started my business
  41.  5 Questions you should ask before………….
  42. Are you still wasting money on…………?
  43.  Use a weakness to help others overcome theirs.
  44. Compile a list quotes that can be used by your readers.
  45. Facebook pages and groups worth following.
  46. Collaborate with someone on a post, use their skills to help promote yours!
  47. Re-cycle, re-hash, re-make, re-do and tweak a previous blog post, update and re-purpose.
  48. Do a screencast post, showing a ‘how to’.
  49. Share a valuable Facebook Live and link it to a blog post.
  50. Feature a list of your most popular blog posts (pop on a landing page).
  51. Outside of our blog create a post asking questions about your niche and answer the questions in a blog post.
  52. Create a freebie a free ebook or training.

Could you add any more?
Now that you have 52 weeks of blog post ideas, open up your blog and start writing.

I’d love to see how you get on with the ideas.

Starting a blog is easier than you think!


Is this you? Are you holding yourself back from making a mark in your company? I get this kind of response all the time, so I thought I would give you all some idea’s on how to start a blog in your direct sales or network marketing business so let’s start at the beginning and cover why you actually need to blog. Starting a blog is easier than you think.

Too scared to blog.png


  • Stand out from the crowd (not many people are doing it - I know, it’s true!)

  • Make it your own, you can still link it in with your replica website.

  • You can funnel people back to your post from your ‘call to action’ on that blog post.

  • Google loves to help people searching for what you can offer them!

  • Become an expert in your area.

  • It’s content to share on every social platform you are on.


WordPress.com is super easy to set up & get started (it has limitations, not many widgets to add to drive people to your other platforms)
Blogger.com is another free and super simple blog to get up and get into the blogging arena. But if after a couple of month of blogging you decide to upgrade, all the work you do on here would have to be done again!
*start as you mean to go on

WordPress.org – Install your own themes and widgets it is all your own, it’s your own piece of the internet (hosted by GoDaddy, Hostgator and chargeable) You purchase your domain name, you control every part of it including it being found in google search.
Squarespace (like this one) is payable (monthly, annually or 50% discount off an annual plan as a student) You can add products, have multiple blogs and is much easier to manage than wordpress (in my opinion, I've used wordpress for numerous years!) Analytics are attached - this whole site is super easy (drag/drop) and more stable. 

Just login & post – Twitter is a micro-blog, 280 characters. Simply add an image and post your content and share it with the world and your followers. This again is a great way to get started, see if you can compose content then share it and get people following you before you progress onto your first blog site, build up a following who want to hear your tips and drive them to your social media sites!


This is the most common remark I get when I ask people ‘why don’t you start to blog?’

Think of your customers, your ideal crowd;

What are they asking google?

What are they searching for?

How can you help them with the answer?

What questions are you often being asked? (check out your companies Facebook page, their are your questions to answer in a blog post)

What are they looking for on Pinterest?

I hope these ideas have helped you and gave you some more confidence to set up your first open house which would be great for your customers to build up trust by joining you with these once a month events.

I’d love or you to share the image below on Pinterest, come find me over there HERE

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